Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th - 9/13/13

I like Friday the 13th -

Some people think that it’s unlucky -

But I don’t think that it’s unlucky at all -

I think that it’s like an extra Halloween day -

In the middle of the year - ;))

And it reminds me that -

I better get going on my Halloweeny stuff -

‘Cuz it will be here before I know it -

And then comes Thanksgiving -

And CHRISTMAS!! - ;))


Have you seen this yet? - ;))

I found it on Yahoo yesterday -
'The Fruits of my imagination': Photographer gives fruits and vegetables a whole new life
The photographs are by Christel Jeanne -

And are VERY creative -

But be sure to read the article -

To get the whole story - HERE - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew


  1. knew it was Friday, didn't realize the date, but it's never bothered me, either. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas? Nope, don't want to think about them because I haven't finished my June, July, August projects yet :-)

    1. You and me both - I still haven't finished my Sudoku Quilts for June or July - ;))

  2. I was too busy to even look at the calendar. (second Friday of the month, pack meeting ... new boys to welcome...craft things to organize...) Halloween will be the same because, even though it is my birthday, I have a BIG week-long event beginning. I wonder what people do who are not involved with boy scouts?

    1. People like me who are not involved with boy scouts may have time to check the calendar and do other things - but I doubt that they have as much FUN as you do teaching those boys - ;))


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