Thursday, September 19, 2013

QJ - Dinosaur/Purple


Stuffed Animal
Completed - July 1996

Made for Grandson #1

Pattern - "Create a Stylin' Stegasaurus with Poly-fil(r)" -
Designed by Amy Albert Bloom - 1/96

Made from a kid's sweatshirt -

And some felt -

And poly-fil - ;))

It turned out real cute! - ;))

Entered in the County Fair in August 1996 - No ribbon

QJ - 1996


  1. I like seeing your posts from your quilt journal. I am so unorganized - sometimes I don't even have pictures let alone know the date I made something or the person it was made for!

    1. Thanks, Katie - I'm glad you like my quilt journal posts - ;)) I don't have photos of some of my earlier stuff and am guessing on some of the dates - but once I started trying to keep a scrapbook - it was kind of fun to add notes - photos - sometimes even a ribbon - and to share them with friends and family. Now my scrapbook notes are on my blog - the photos are digital - and it's fun sharing them with my bloggy buddies - ;))

  2. That is adorable and purple, no less. One of my fav colors and the official FAB group color.

    It is fun doing crafty stuff like that. DJ said I am branching out but he doesn't remember when I did not just quilt---and I did make curtains and all sorts of things at one time.

    1. Thanks, Linda - who doesn't love a PURPLE dinosaur??!! - ;))

      I used to do more crafty stuff when the kids/grandkids were little - and made clothes for our daughter way back when - but not so much any more. I even made curtains for our house from sheets and pleater-tape because it was more cost effective at the time - but that's not something that I would ever want to tackle again. Now I pretty much stick to quilting - and don't remember the last zipper that I put in anything - haha - ;))


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