Friday, September 6, 2013

Duck - Duck - Squirrel

This day started later than usual -

But my coffee is made -

My email has been checked -

And I’m ready to SEW -

As soon as I finish writing this post -

And scheduling it to go “live” in the morning - ;))

Lately I have been working on -

A bunch of different “Ducks” -

You know - those pesky little things -

That you really “should” do -

But you never get around to - ;))

As opposed to “Squirrels” -

Those fun little things -

That you “want to” do -

And always find time for - ;))

Pardon the crappy grammar -

But that leads me to the title of this post -

Duck - Duck - Squirrel - ;))

A bunch of the “Ducks” -

Had to do with blog maintenance - ;))

Every so often I need to stop blogging -

And work on my blog -

Which sounds very strange -

When you say it out loud - ;))

Anyway -


Duck #1 -
Update my UFO 2013 Page - DONE -

I have actually made progress on a couple of my UFOs - but I never took the time to change their status on my UFO page. I recently took the time - and I even added a couple of new projects to the list. I’ll tell you about them later - ;))

It should come as no surprise that I added a few new ones - you know that I LOVE my UFO’s - or as I would rather call them - Works In VERY Slow Progress - ;))

They give me a nice variety of stuff to play with - and they keep me busy and out of bars at night - ;))


Duck #2 -
Update my Quilt Journal Page - IN PROGRESS -

I have wanted/needed to scan the rest of my scrapbook photos - upload them and the blurbs that I already wrote for the scrapbook - and then link the posts to the Quilts listed on my Quilt Journal Page. It’s not hard - just time-consuming.

And I have quite a few more stories to tell - ;))

The stories have already been written - I just want/need to reformat them. Right now they are all in CAPS - which is fine for a scrapbook but not for a blog - ;))

The photos have been scanned. I want/need to add them to the stories and schedule them out over the next couple of months - maybe get them all "posted" by Christmas - and hopefully not bore you to death in the meantime - ;))


Squirrel -
Brainless Sewing - IN PROGRESS -

Sometimes I need to do some brainless sewing for a while -

Like today - ;))


So -

While I work on updating my Quilt Journal -

And my various “Squirrels” -

My posts will be in no particular order -

Just random thoughts -

Or projects -

Or rants -

As the mood strikes me - ;))

I have a couple of old projects going -

Started some new ones -

Took some photos -

Just messing around - ;))

Nothing too exciting -

But maybe there is something -

That you might like - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda C said...

aha, now I see what you meant in your email about the M & M cup. What a look on his face!

I got to say I would rather deal with squirrels any day over those ducks. But sometimes it is necessary to deal with them. Get the organization things done when you would be sewing.

I hope you found time to play too!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Yes, ma'am - I found some time to play - but I think that I'm surrounded - haha - ;))

Duck - I still have to write up the posts -
Duck - I still have to upload the photos -
Squirrel - Then I can play some more - ;))

Julie Fukuda said...

Maybe if I began my day with a mug that looked like that, I would be able to face the ducks more easily.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

He is cute - isn't he? And yes - he does help me face the ducks more easily. Now if only I could get him to deal with the ducks for me - that would be GREAT - ;))

Linda said...

Yep! Totally appropriate mug for the start of the day. I could sure use one most days. hahaha And those ducks..... well all I can say is Good for you for getting some under control.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Glad you like my mug - ;)) And as for the ducks - the dang things multiply like scraps - you think you take care of one and then overnight you have two more to take its place - ;))


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