Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mail Call -

So - I've been messing with drafting my next bunch of posts.  I was working on a showing you how I do my quilt bindings.  First I was going to do one on how I prepare my binding using JELLY BEANS as an example.  Then I was going to do another one on how I actually attach the binding to the quilt (I can think of a couple of different ways).  Then the second one got REALLY long - and I had to make up a practice quilt - and stop every two seconds to take a photo - and try to hold the camera while I was trying to SEW - and it wasn't working very well - and then I forgot to do the part about how to join the ends - so now I have to go back to do that - and then I figured it was going to have to be four parts - and then - I said screw it - I'm taking a break - (and a nap) - I'll work on it some more tomorrow - 'cuz -

The mailman came today.

Actually we have a mail "lady" and I got one of these last week - but you get the idea.  (I never promised to be politically correct - or totally accurate.)  Besides, the package I got last week deserved a special post - and I was in the middle of drafting my "LHQ - Scrap Management" - so decided to wait to show you what I got.

Then this came in the mail - and I got it today - MY PRIZES!!

from the Weekly Themed Contest - (St. Patrick's Day) - sponsored by Rocking Chair Quilts. And a nice note from Lisa from Rocking Chair Quilts.  "Congratulations and Enjoy"....Lisa

I won the Star Hanger and the Cupcakes Galore pattern. (I tried to do a link for the hanger at Rocking Chair Quilts - but it doesn't appear to be available.  So the link goes directly to Joined at the Hip - the hanger is way down at the bottom.) 

The hanger is dark blue/navy - and goes real well with a slightly larger red one I got for Christmas - so I should be able to hang any size wall hanging with no problem.  I just have to make them first!  And this Cupcake pattern is so darn cute - I might have to make it real soon!  Another project - oh, goody!

But then -

the other thing I got in the mail - last week - was my fat quarter as promised - from  mainer-mainca for sending her a photo for St. Patrick's Day.  I asked her to send me her "ugliest" fat quarter - just for fun.  She didn't have any "ugly" fat quarters - so she sent me this!! 

Here's a close up of two ladies

And a close-up of their baskets - beautiful bright purple and orange - (the photo makes the colors look faded and dull - but they're not - trust me - they are bright and beautiful)

I just HAD to check my stash to see if these ladies had any friends living at my house!


Purple - orange - and pink batik!  Perfect match!

and then I found some more friends -

They're going to have a great time together - don't you think?

I have no idea what I'm going to make - but I'll sure have a good time making it!!

So - if I don't post for a couple of days - I'm either trying to finish the binding posts - or playing with the ladies or making cupcakes!!

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

Oh, can I come play in your stash!? I love all those batiks and the colors -well, I'm drooling. I will look forward to seeing your project take shape.

Judee said...

ooooo...I am drooling over all those batiks. Glad the fq has new friends.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

mainer - I knew it would! Thanks for sharing it with me. Need any more photos for another post? haha


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