Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's On My Design Wall - Wednesday - 4/13/11

What's on My Design Wall - Wednesday - 4/13/11??

The Ladies are on the wall this Wednesday -

I forgot the BLACK - gotta have the black!

I want to cut out the two "two ladies" at the top and the "single lady" at the bottom for focus blocks in a fre-form sort of thing.

But you can see that if I do a straight cut - there is only 1/2 inch between the edges of the two sets.

That will be cutting it way too close (pun intended).

I want some background around them.

I don't want them bumping right up to the edge of the "block".

So I thought about - and thought about it.  Nothing came to mind.

Funny how stuff comes to you in dreams, though, huh?

Well - naps are good for that - dreams - and puzzle solving.

I dreamt that I could cut the two "two ladies" out as large as possible -

And then back the one "single lady" with fusible - cut her out - and then applique her to a similar background.  That might work.

So - these are my choices for background.  I'm kinda partial to the first (yellow) one on the right.

or maybe the second (peachy) one next to it - 

Then I saw the partial "single" ladies on the left and right edges - down toward the bottom.

WHAT IF - I fuse them, too - cut them out - and try to layer them to see if I can get another "single lady" block?   Don't know yet if it will work - but I'm going to try it - stay tuned.

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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