Saturday, April 30, 2011

April UFO #4 - Update

Stage 4 - Needs Basting
Summer Lotus 

This sucker has a 1" grid to be quilted - oh, goody!  Without a long-arm - that should be fun!

But first it had to be basted.  That's all I had to do this month.

Get it out of Stage 4 and on up to Stage 3 - Need Quilting, etc.

So I sent my husband over to JoAnns (with a picture of what I wanted and a coupon) to get me some basting spray.  Turns out they don't sell it at the store any more - they only sell it online - so I had to order some. (Not from you, Randolph!!)

While I was waiting for my order to arrive - I got to thinking.
(And no - I didn't get a headache - this time!)

I thought a bunch of things -
  • I already have several quilts that are basted and waiting to be quilted - Stage 3.
  • I don't have a long-arm quilting machine so we're talking about quilting it on a little domestic machine.  For me - quilting anything larger than a baby quilt is a huge PITA!!
    • I really have no desire to baste a Queen-sized quilt only to have it sit while I find the time (and inclination) to quilt it - along with the others.
    • I don't have room to store it in a basted state.  It would be HUGE - and it takes up plenty of space just the way it is.
    • It wouldn't make sense to send it to a long-arm quilter.  The whole point of buying it pre-stenciled was to quilt a wholecloth quilt myself.  Although, I must admit - I had intended to do it by hand - but that's just not going to happen!
    • My original goal/challenge was to move my UFOs out of their current Stage and up the ladder - and then eventually off the ladder - to the "Done" list.
    • I could move this particular UFO out of its current Stage - #4 - to another Stage more in keeping with its actual status.  That would satisfy the move part of the goal - just not the up part.  (Half a goal is better than none, right?)
    • It could be considered a kit - something that is ready to go - just needs pre-washing - but it has been pre-washed so that's not quite right.
    • Then I realized that this UFO wasn't all that different from my Stage 11 projects -
    Stage 11.  Prepped - Pre-washed - Pressed - Ready to Cut - etc.

    So I moved it - to Stage 11 -

    Summer Lotus is no longer a Stage 4 project - YAY!!

    Mission Accomplished!

    My UFOs - My Rules!

    Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


    Toni said...

    LOL...great justifications!! I would even consider reselling it or giving it away in a Blog Give Away? If you don't ever intend to hand quilt it, I think it might just need a new home :) So now what are you working on??

    mainer said...

    LOL...good thinking!

    Kathy T. said...

    It gave me a chuckle to hear about your process ... and you're so right - it's Your Quilt, so it's Your Rules!!

    Rabid Quilter said...

    Very entertaining post! LOL!!! I'm going to adopt your philosophy with everything: My house, my rules. My cats, my rules. My diet, my rules!!

    BetsyE said...

    Love the move... goal reached!

    JCnNC said...

    Aren't quilters clever? If it doesn't work for us, we work around it. Very Nice. Judy C

    JBlalock said...

    If you decide you want to sell this quilt top, please let me know. I have a friend in her 80's that is looking for one to quilt for her daughter-in-law. She would be so excited! and she would give it a good home! Just a thought!


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