Monday, April 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 4/18/11

Design Wall Monday - 4/18/11

Still working on the ladies -

I spent a lot of time thinking about exactly how I was going to cut up this fat quarter.

I wanted to get the most out of it as possible, of course - and I really didn't want to screw it up.

So I kept it up on the wall - uncut - until yesterday - when I finally decided to just "go for it".

Here's what I cut -

the "two ladies" - got two of them and
the "single lady" - got one of them - whole -

and two "single lady" partials - a left side and a right side -

I tried to layer them to see if I could get one more "single lady" -

It actually worked!

You can hardly tell - (well, I can hardly tell)

I backed the "single ladies" with fusible and will cut them out and fuse them to another background later.  There simply isn't enough fabric around them for any kind of seam allowance.

I will have to decide which background I want for them - I'm kinda partial to this one - but it might be a little too dark -

Wonder if it's big enough?  Does it match the "two ladies" in size?
Hey - look at that!  Definite possibility!

But I don't want/have to decide right now.  I'm just going to leave the paper on for a while - and play.  When I do decide on the background - I'll cut them both out - fuse them - and go around them with a tiny black satin stitch.  Probably use the same background for both of them - or not - don't know yet.

And then I made these - for starters -

That's all I have - so far.  Lots more to do - lots more PLAYTIME coming up!  Stay tuned!

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

Kitty, I'm going to be anxious to see your ladies' journey. I really like the batik you're thinking of for fusing the ladies on.

Judy D in AZ said...

Good beginning-I like the dark background for the ladies and especially the black and hot pink squares.

Judee said...

That is a real challenge but I like your thinking. Will be following your progress.


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