Monday, April 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 4/25/11

Design Wall Monday - 4/25/11

Still working on the ladies -

Found some inspiration in my books and my stash - just need some wonky blocks -

and some fabrics -

Rats! - don't  have enough of the purple - just need a fat quarter - bits and pieces might work -
(Should have asked mainer for some of her purple before she used it all on her purple scrap challenge - oh, well, too late!)

Oh, wait!  Double-checked the stash - and found this (in the WRONG place) -
not quite a fat quarter - but close enough -  this should work -

So - here's what I got -

I'm not liking the orange/brown in the wonky nine-patches or wonky strips -
and next to the purple/pink/orange batik on the left -

or the really light beige - in the wonky four patches in the lower left - and wonky strips -
too blah - blends in with the design wall - can't even see it -

So - trade those out for some more pinks and purples and oranges ??

Yeah - much better -

I like the lady on the light pink background -
and that wild orange/pink batik on the right - 

OK - so now to "unsew" the light beige and the orange/brown - and replace it with new stuff.



I collected for YEARS - always saving for SOMEDAY to make SOMETHING SPECIAL.

Well - guess what -


Besides - they say you might as well use your stash 'cuz when you die -
your husband's next wife is gonna sell it for a nickel a yard at a yard sale - 

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta "unsew" -


Chris said...

I love the name of your blog. Left-handedness is something only the few can aspire to an achieve :)

Marti said...

Wow! Great quilt pattern. I love the colors but especially the design you've worked out. I need to do some rule-breaking myself, thanks for giving a peek at your books.

Judee said...

Lookin good!

ButtonMad said...

That fabric with the ladies is just wonderful...iconic.


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