Sunday, May 1, 2011

UFO Challenge - May - 5/1/11

UFO Challenge - May - 5/1/11

This morning - Sunday - Judy picked #9 - which translates to my Stage 9 Projects -

 Stage 9.  Cut/Basted for Hawaiian Applique - Pillowtops - etc.
  • Hibiiscus - red on white
  • Ulu - green on muslin
  • Pineapple - green on muslin
  • Hibiscus - dark yellow on light yellow
  • Ginger - red on white
  • Stephanotis - black on white
  • Woodland Lei - peach on rust batik


These might actually be doable!!

The first one on the list is the very first Hawaiian - hand - applique pillowtop I ever tried.
I decided that after it was appliqued and quilted - I would simply bind it and keep it as an example of my first attempt at handwork.  The applique and quilting are already done (albeit atrociously) so all I have to do now is bind it.  AND I'm still drafting a series of posts about binding - so it can be a "sample" as well.  Two birds and all that...  (I probably should have put it in with my Stage 5 (Need Binding) Projects - but when I made my UFO list I just grouped all of the Hawaiian applique projects together by size - pillowtop and wallhanging.)

Anyway - the other pillowtops will be great "practice" quilts to perfect my machine applique and machine quilting techniques (the size is right) before I work on my Stage 7 - Floral Applique.  (When Judy calls #7 - I want to be READY to finish it!!)  And - as much as I would love to honor the Hawaiian tradition of Hand Applique and Hand Quilting - I am no longer able to do handwork (health issues) - so these will have to be done by machine - or not done at all.

So - gotta dig them out - get them ready - and actually DO them -

After I finish the ladies - of course! 

Is it any wonder I have so many UFOs?  I have the attention span of a gnat these days!

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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