Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Question Tuesday - 5/24/11

Two Question Tuesday – 5/24/11

Here's the deal - I really liked Mama M.'s Five Question Friday - but that's just too many questions for me.  So I'm going to do my version - and without the linky thingy.

I'll ask two questions and then give you my answers.  If you want to play - you can give me your answers in the comment section.  If you have a blog and would rather answer them there - just leave a link to your blog instead.  I don't know how to do the "Linky" thing like Mama M. yet - and to be honest - I would rather sew than find out - so I'll do it this way until I figure it out.

Two questions for you this Tuesday -

1.  Do you have a kindle?
2.  Do you like/participate in swaps?


1. Do you have a kindle?
No.  I prefer the real thing.  I like the smell of books – and the feel of paper.
I have this fear of us becoming the Eloi.  (Look it up.)

2.  Do you like/participate in swaps?
No.  BOB can tell you why.
(If you are a swap lover – you don’t want to know what BOB thinks – trust me!)


OK - your turn.

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

#1. Nope. Though part of me thinks it would be super cool to have one, the reasonable part of me says "what? a device that can only do one thing? we already have a VCR!" And I think I'd probably get in way too much trouble, thinking "hey, $9.99 for a "book" that would cost $24.99 for a paper version? score!" And I do really, really love paper books. I love the way they smell (just let me loose in a library and it's all I can do not to go around sniffing like a fool!) and I do buy a fair share every year at a fundraiser book sale (see my July 4, 2010 post for more on that).
#2. Generally, no. I have done a few with friends (some pre-blog), but with strangers? Nuh-uh. I can forgive my friends for using fabrics I might not. I can look the other way at imperfections in my friends' work. But to put all that work into something for a total stranger? Thanks, but no thanks. I'm with BOB most of the way here (a little self-conscious about my work...).

Katie M. said...

#1. Nope don't own a Kindle. I thought about it because I carry a book with me whenever I know I'm going to doing some waiting on the DH. Then I looked at the price of books! OMG - if I'm going to pay that kind of money, I'll buy the real deal - besides, I buy most of my books at second hand/thrift stores.
#2. Sorry BOB, sounds like you've had a bad experience with swapping! I do like swaps. Swaps have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone on more than one occassion. Only once did I get burned, but that story will be on my blog :-)
Katie M.

mainer said...

1. No, but I am asking for a Nook for my birthday (in 30 days,hint,hint):)Our local library has daownloads to the Nook so I can get books without going out. Also the price is right. I do shop at used bookstores too. There are some great authors I like to keep up with and the Nook would be the way to go.
2. Yes I do participate in swaps and I have been 95% happy with them. I agree with Katie M. that they have enabled me to think outside the book and do some things I would not have done otherwise, craft wise I mean:)There are some wonderfully good people out there.


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