Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Present

So here's what I got for Mother's Day -

The table - not the sewing machine - that's my old "Toyota" -

Now I have to practice my free motion quilting -

Wish me luck!

Oh, yeah - two more things -
  1. I had to add the Ladies to my UFO list - Stage 5 - ugh!
  2. I had another thought about the challenge I mentioned on Monday's post - 
What if you reversed it??

What if -

YOU took on the challenge and asked someone to send YOU a fat quarter -
to see what YOU could do with it??

That might be fun!

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Nice table and nice machine! Sometimes I wish when I'd gotten the Tin Lizzy that I'd known they were coming out with the 'sit down' models :-) And if you want a FQ, send me your address - I'll send you a FQ!

  2. Katie M. - The machine is NOT a longarm. It's my old "White - Jeans Model 1777". Just a plain old regular sewing machine. I can drop the feed dogs - but I can't free motion quilt to save my life! And hey - I already did my FQ challenge - your turn! You want one of mine? ^..^

  3. OOO very nice table! Plenty of space to practice your FM!

    I'll swap with you! I'll send you a FQ and scraps to play with! I have done a swap like that and while I sent mine out, it never got mine back--wasn't too happy. I like the concept for a swap though!

  4. Nice try, Toni - but I didn't say swap!
    I don't do swaps! This is a one-way deal!

    Option 1 - You send a fat quarter to somebody (your victim) to see what he/she can do with it.
    Option 2 - You ask someone to send YOU a fat quarter to see what YOU can do with it.

    If you want me to send you a fat quarter - I'm sure I can find an "interesting" one - but I already did my fat quarter! Your turn!


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