Monday, May 16, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 5/16/11

Design Wall Monday - 5/16/11

So here’s what’s on my design wall today –

My UFOs - #9 - Hawaiian Applique  - pillowtops -

Stage 9.  Cut/Basted for Hawaiian Applique - Pillowtops - etc.
  • ·    Hibiiscus - red on white
  • ·    Ulu - green on muslin
  • ·    Pineapple - green on muslin
  • ·    Hibiscus - dark yellow on light yellow
  • ·    Ginger - red on white
  • ·    Stephanotis - black on white
  • ·    Woodland Lei - peach on rust batik

So far this month I have been working on the ladies.  Now it’s time to work on my UFOs.

I only have seven at this stage of completion – so we’ll see how far I can get in the next two weeks.  Two days apiece – in theory – that is – if nothing else happens in my life during that time.  (Yeah, right!)

And for you those of you out there who can crank out an entire quilt in one week – good for you!!  But not me!!  I am S-L-O-W – and I like it that way!!

This is the status of each one – today –

Hibiscus – red on white
Hand appliquéd – hand quilted
Needs more quilting – I’ll do that by machine – try out my sewing machine’s “hand” look quilting stitch.
Needs binding – I’ll bind it and use it as a sample for my series on binding quilts.

Ulu – green on muslin
Hand appliquéd
Needs quilting and binding – by machine

Pineapple – green on muslin
Hand-basted for hand applique
Needs to be redone for machine appliqué – fusible interfacing?

Hibiscus – dark yellow on light yellow
Partially hand appliquéd by two of my teachers – and me – as a teaching aid
May just leave it the way it is

Ginger – red on white
Hand-basted for hand applique
Needs to be redone for machine appliqué – fusible interfacing?

Stephanotis – black on white
Hand-basted for hand applique
Needs to be redone for machine appliqué – fusible interfacing?

Woodland Lei – peach on rust batik
Ready for machine appliqué

Tomorrow is Two Question Tuesday.  Wednesday I’ll show you some photos of my sewing room.  Stay tuned.

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


  1. Your Hawiian blocks are gorgeous!

  2. Your blocks are beautiful and I love the echo quilting. I have just ordered Book 4 of the Hargrave series that deals with free motion quilting and I'm so excited to get my hands on it.

  3. The blocks are gorgeous and you've just gone on my Heros list - Hand applique Hawaiian!!! 12 years ago I visited Hawaii and bought a pillow kit to do one (yes only one!) Hawiian applique block - it's still in it's original packaging - what was I thinking!?

  4. Those blocks are fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished product.


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