Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LHQ - Sewing Room #1 - My Happy Place

LHQ – Sewing Room #1 - My Happy Place

Here are some photos of MY HAPPY PLACE -

View of the sewing room/office open to the dining area and living room - the white curvy thing in the top left corner is part of the dining room fixture.

Cutting table with project bins - the cabinet opens from both sides and stores ironing "stuff" and spray basting cans - the other side has a drawer on top that holds my rulers. Both ends are drop-leaf extensions and it slides easily so I can push it back and out of the doorway if we have company. We bought it years ago at K-Mart - it was supposed to be a kitchen "island" - but, hey, that's what "re-purposing" is all about, right!! The height is perfect, and the top is 24" x 36" (without leaf extension) - perfect for my old gray Fiskars cutting mat (24" x 36" including border) - but my new yellow/lime green Fiskars cutting mat is 24" x 36" plus border - so it hangs over the edge just a bit.

My window looks out onto the front porch - my Husqvarna / Viking Lily 555 sits on the same desk I used in high school - I painted the desk white to match the room. I love my white walls - they show off all of my COLORS!

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


  1. Your room looks so neat and organized. I like white walls, too. It means I can have any color(s) I want and it will not clash.

  2. You are a neatnik just like me. I love it! Your room is so organized, but you can't be a CPA without being organized. I use to love budget time and keeping neat little figures in neat little rows.
    Sure my sewing room is messy when I am working on a project, but as soon as that project is finished, my room is back to being organized.


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