Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Question Tuesday - 5/17/11

Two Question Tuesday – 5/17/11

Here's the deal - I really liked Mama M.'s Five Question Friday - but that's just too many questions for me. So I'm going to do my version - and without the linky thingy.

I'll ask two questions and then give you my answers. If you want to play - you can give me your answers in the comment section. If you have a blog and would rather answer them there - just leave a link to your blog instead. I don't know how to do the "Linky" thing like Mama M. yet - and to be honest - I would rather sew than find out - so I'll do it this way until I figure it out.

Two questions for you this Tuesday -

1. What is your “guilty pleasure” TV show?
2. Do you like/participate in “giveaways”?


1. What is your “guilty pleasure” TV show?
My guilty pleasure is watching PBR – Professional Bull Riding – on the weekends. You know it’s bad when you know the names of the cowboys/riders and the bulls!

2. Do you like/participate in “giveaways”?
Sometimes. I did win one over on Toni’s blog. She gave away a pattern and a charm pack – cute stuff! Sometimes a blog is giving away a new book – I’ll enter just for the hell of it – even though I know I have a snowball’s chance of winning – but you never know. Other times I think it’s just a gimmick to up the stats – and I don’t bother. So it depends – probably on my mood that day.


OK - your turn.

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

#1. My guilty pleasure TV show - Criminal Minds!
#2. I agree with you on the give aways to up the stats. If I have to go here, go there, leave comments and 'follow' - I won't sign up. I don't mind leaving comments and following the specific blog that's giving something away (after all, nothing is truly free!) but when the blogger wants you to go to other sites and do the same thing - nope, don't like it.

Rose said...

My guilty tv pleasure, one that I am rather ashamed to admit, is watching the various "Houswives Of..." shows. I am partial to the New Jersey housewives, don't know why. This is the only reality show I watch.

Giveaways. Okay, they probably annoy me because I don't/can't win.
When I first started following various quilting blogs, I tried for every giveaway coming and going. YessirreeBob - I was going to win that Accuquilt GO! I'm a little slow in my old age, but I finally figured out that only quilters with their own blogs were winning these things. The same bloggers' names kept cropping up and I never saw where Betty No Blog won anything. I also became annoyed with the hoops you had to jump through in order to get your name in the drawing. I really think giveaways are just the bloggers attempts to draw people to their site and hey, it is working. Sour grapes on my part?

Kitty said...

Maybe BOB needs to do a giveaway - you know - to up the stats! (haha)

Might just do it though - I'm coming up on her 20th post - maybe do something special on that one. Might even restrict it to only those without blogs - lemme think on it.


Margie said...

My guilty pleasure is NCIS. We have marathons frequently and I can watch for hours. I have some of them memorized.
Rose said it pretty well for me. Too many hoops to enter giveaways.
Margie No Blog


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