Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Surprise! Surprise!

Hi there -

I posed some questions yesterday - and got very few responses. Oh, well - maybe this time.

Anyway - to any and all bloggers who actually read my blog - I want you to do something for me - if you would please.  (This may be something that you already know - but it was news to me!)

First - I want you to open a new window to do this side-by-side.
Use the right window to read the instructions - and - the left window to do the stuff.
(This first set of instructions is to help you make the two windows - if you already know how - just skip to the next section.)
  1. In the top right corner of this screen - the middle icon says "restore down".  Click that.
  2. Left click in the top blue part of the small window and (while holding the mouse button down) drag the whole window to the right side of your screen.  Release the mouse button.  (You can make it skinnier if you hover your mouse over one of the sides and watch for the left/right arrow - left click on the side and drag it toward the middle of the little window.)
  3. Open another window to the left of the one you just made.  (Top left corner of this window - click on File - New Window - Restore down again - drag it to the left side of your screen.)

Now -  this next part is ESPECIALLY for those who DON'T HAVE PICASA!!

(That includes you - Toni!  ;))

Just humor me here, OK??
  1. In the left window - go to your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Go to the very, very bottom of the page - where it says "Other Stuff".
  3. Find the middle column that says "Tools and Resources".
  4. See the line that says "Picasa Web Albums"?  (On mine - it's the fourth one down.)
  5. Click on that.  


I was.

But then again - maybe it's just me.

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - this bloggy stuff makes my head hurt -


  1. Okay, I didn't respond yesterday because, well, okay I just didn't. But I tried this today and got a "Welcome to Picasa Web Albums" page and a request for more personal info. So I guess that means I don't have a web album? (But it has me scratching my head how you got one and filled it up before you knew about it...)

  2. :) Yep, knew. I prefer to use flickr through Yahoo ;) I have even paid for extra services (space mainly). Just more convenient to my needs with various blog posts and groups I interact with in the quilting world. How do you use Picassa? I don't know anyone else that uses it.


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