Thursday, May 19, 2011

LHQ - Sewing Room #2


Back side of the cutting table - you can see the other door and the drawer that holds my rulers - the 10-drawer unit holds finished blocks and the squares I cut from my scraps.  I just push the cutting table around if I want more room.

Design Wall - a piece of felt thumb-tacked to the back-side of the angled/wonky wall.  It's empty in the photo because I was "between" projects.  I'm left-handed so I put the pointy end of the ironing board on the left to hold the iron - I move the whole thing to the other side of the room when I'm playing around with block layouts.  Sometimes when the window is open, a nice breeze will blow the blocks off the wall - that's always fun!

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


Katie said... if I use my ironing board that way, I'm using it left-handed? I KNEW I did more in lefty than tying my shoes!

Your sewing room looks so tidy...are you sure you're a quilter? Mine hasn't looked that tidy since the day I moved in and I'm doubting it looked that good even then!

Kitty said...

Katie -

Not necessarily. I don't know if pointing the ironing board that way is left or right-handed. If you iron shirts - it's probably right-handed - so you can get to the narrow parts of the shirt. But since I don't DO shirts - I use the pointy end for my iron.

So - righties - how do you set up your iron and ironing board? Katie and I are curious.

And these photos were taken when I had cleaned up and was "between" projects. You should see it when I'm in the "middle" of one!!


Rose said...

Well, where else would the pointy end of the ironing board go?

Katie M. said...

I put the pointy end of my ironing board to the left, too - and I'm right handed. Katie M.

Kitty said...

Katie M. -

Thanks, Katie. I think that if I actually "used" the pointy end - for anything other than an "iron holder" - I would put it to the right.



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