Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day Present - Part 2

Hi there -

Yesterday I posted a photo of my new sewing table - 



No - it's just a new table and a very old sewing machine.

The sewing machine on the table is my old "Toyota" - my White - Jeans Model 1777.  It's about twenty years old.  I bought it at a Husqvarna/Viking Dealer when I decided that I needed a sewing machine that had "adjustable pressure" and a "drop the feed dogs" feature.  I remember going into the local Joanns where the local Husqvarna/Viking dealer had rented some space.  I was overwhelmed with the selection of machines available - but I knew what I wanted.  I asked the saleslady which of the machines had the "drop feed" feature first - figuring that it would narrow the field dramatically.  It did.  She pointed out a couple of machines.  Then I asked her - which of these has "adjustable pressure" - she showed me two.  Great - I could manage test-driving two machines.  So I did.  I spent about an hour fiddling with each machine.  And my "Toyota" came home with me.  It is a mechanical machine - and a workhorse!!  I love that machine!!  I have made some of my best quilts on that machine!!

My Husqvarna/Viking Lily 555 is my "Lexus".  I bought it at the same Husqvarna/Viking dealer when I decided I wanted to upgrade to an electronic (non-embroidery) machine.  I checked out the super-duper, super-expensive ones and basically said "No thanks!!"  I am just not into embroidery (BOB will explain - someday) - so I asked to see the "top of the line - just UNDER the embroidery models".  I was shown - at the time - the Lily 545 and Lily 555.  The price difference was not enough to warrant settling for the 545 - and I knew that if I didn't get the 555 - I would be "settling" and would regret it.  So - I bought the 555 on the very last day of the sale - about 15 minutes before the store was going to close - and got some FREE stuff - because they wanted the sale!!  Anyway - Lily is set up for piecing and sits in front of my window - so I can watch the world do its thing - while I do mine.

I have wanted to practice my free-motion quilting for some time now.  I have some baby quilts that need quilting - but I haven't had the nerve to try to quilt them - and ruin all of my hard work so far.  So they sit - patiently - on my UFO pile - Stage 3.

I have followed the FMQA on A Few Scraps and the FMQP on Leah's site - so I set up my Toyota on the dining room table - with its extension table - planning to practice.  What a pain!!  The lighting is horrible in the dining room - just the overhead fixture.  And the table is too high!  The last quilt I quilted - with the walking foot - was on the kitchen table - too high - and my shoulders ached for weeks.

No - I needed a "proper" table.  So I waited for a sale - and told my husband, "Thank you for the new table."  when the delivery guy dropped it off at the house.  Happy Mother's Day to me!

The table has a platform for the sewing machine to sit on.  The platform can be adjusted up or down to make the machine level with the table.  We adjusted it - and then I remembered the gaps!  Forgot about the gaps!  The larger table comes with an acrylic insert to fill the gaps.  I have a smaller machine - so I got the smaller table - no insert!

Leah to the rescue!  I remembered one of her videos.  I could use the extension table as an insert!  It fit the throat plate of the machine perfectly and would cover the gaps!  So we took the legs off the extension table - put it on the machine - and readjusted the platform to accommodate the height of the sewing machine and the extension table.  Works great!

Now if I can just figure out how to keep the "Slider" from sliding all over when I try to quilt!!

And don't say - tape it down!  I do that and the quilt catches on the damn tape!

Stay tuned while I figure this out...

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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Rose said...

I need an extension table like you have. I also have the smaller table and have to put up with the gaps. My slider falls through and taping doesn't work for me either.
Twice I have sewn my slider and the quilt together and had to trash the slider. As you know, they are not cheap. I cut it down to just sit on top of the throat plate, but that didn't work. I think I heard that the newer sliders have a backing that grips better, so that should help with your problem with it sliding around.


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