Monday, October 17, 2011

QJ - Floral Applique - Part V

QUILT JOURNAL - Floral Applique - Part V

November 2009 - January 2010

Four years later - 

I dug it out again -

The Bird's Nest/Roses block had been prepped for hand appliqué –
I would have to redo that for machine applique -

I had part of the two Leaves/Berries blocks done -
I just needed to finish the stems -
And decide what I wanted to do for the "berries" –

Yellow -  ?

Orange - ?

I liked the Orange -

So - by January 2010 –

Both Leaves/Berries blocks were done –

I had finished the Leaves/Berries block for the right side - 

Decided against an Acorn block -

And made a second Leaves/Berries block for the left side.

Each Leaves/Berries block has twelve leaves -

Each leaf is a different fabric -

Twenty-four leaves -

Twenty-four different fabrics - 

The orange "berries" are clusters of french knots - 
(I wish I had thought to use variegated floss) - 


Editfolt said...

super autumn leaves! I am very excited that you get when you pack!

Brita said...

That's just lovely -- the orange is so pretty! Nice job.

Karen M said...

Just beautiful. Keep going.


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