Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yesterday's Comments

Yesterday's Comments

Thanks to all who answered yesterday’s questions. I had more hits than comments – but at least now I have something to go on.

The Left-Handed Quilting stuff is trying to find its way into some books – stay tuned.  Those of you who are new to this blog are probably wondering - "What Left-Handed Quilting stuff?  I don't see any Left-Handed Quilting stuff!"  Well - there used to be a ton of it - about 50 posts the last time I counted - and I took them all "down" - I'm trying to write some books.  If you missed them while they were "up" - they will be back soon - in book form.

The regular quilty stuff will go on for as long as I do. You should know by now that I am stalling BIG TIME in telling you the story of my Floral Applique quilt. I busted it down into a bunch of parts – the way I made it – and have scheduled them out – all to give me time to ACTUALLY WORK on it while I tell you the story.

That bit about telling you what I had for dinner last night was a joke.  Anyone who knows me knows that I cook maybe three times a year – Thanksgiving – Christmas – and Lasagna. ;)) That’s it!  And I don't even cook at Christmas if we go to my sister-in-law's house.  I have my reasons – and may or may not share them later.  I must admit, though, My Other Half is a pretty darn good cook.  He feeds me well.

My grandkids – Grandkid stories are funny to other grandparents sometimes – and boring to most other people – but if it’s a story I would tell a friend – you will probably hear about it.

BOB – is probably going to come back. She has her own blog - but It’s too hard to keep two blogs going – and one or the other inevitably will suffer. I have a tough enough time as it is trying to write this blog - keep up with my emails – and SEW.  Add to that the books I want to write – my limited time and energy – and it’s really hard to do it all. My world is not always happy, happy, joy, joy – so if I don’t feel well or am in a bad mood – BOB may show up. Don’t take offense – I just need to let off a little steam sometimes – and BOB tells it like it is – but then again, it’s probably just her.  Or I may just not say anything for a while - I may be busy or just not in the mood.  I get a bit anti-social sometimes - it's usually temporary - so don't worry.

Mondays I’ll try to link up with Judy L. at Patchwork Times (see the badge on my sidebar) and tell you what’s on my Design Wall.  Oh - and I'm not going to spend days and weeks editing this stuff so that it is grammatically correct and all of that stuff anymore.  It's too time-consuming and I would much rather SEW. 

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –

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