Saturday, November 19, 2011

Orca Bay - Part 1

Orca Bay - Part 1

OK - You all know I’m supposed to be working on my Floral Appliqué -

And I AM - honest!! -


Bonnie Hunter - of Quiltville fame - has a new Mystery Quilt series going -

It’s called ORCA BAY -

And you also KNOW how much I love Bonnie Hunter!!

She is one amazing lady - and I am a HUGE fan -

 I did her CHRISTMAS LIGHTS Mystery a couple of years ago -

And it turned out Fantastic!!

And - I've been looking for another "scrappy" project -

SO -

I couldn’t resist -

I pulled out some blacks and neutrals -

And my black and neutral 1-1/2” strips -
Not very many yet - gonna have to fix that -

Sorted them out -

Paired a black and a neutral -
And using my handy-dandy ruler -
(Not the same as the one she uses - but it does the job) - 

I cut out some triangles -

I start at the RIGHT end -

Cut one -

And then FLIP the ruler up -
I told you I was a Flippin’ Lefty ;))
But even Righties have to flip the ruler - so no difference there) - 

To cut the second one-

Cut two different sets -

Stitch them up -

And mix the halves so I had two different blacks and two different neutrals -

Now the TRUE TEST -

Does the unit come out to 2-1/2” when the two halves get sewn together?

You all know how much FUN I have losing and then finding my 1/4” seam -

SO -

You wanna bet whether or not this came out right? ;))

Well -



I KNOOOOOOOOOOW!! - I’m as surprised as you are!! ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - (another gazillion of these suckers ;)) -


Katie said...

Yay for perfect seams! Now only 243 to go!

Linda said...

Looks good!! I'm working on mine too but I don't have those rulers so I ordered the Triangulations CD by Brenda Henning. I figured since I can't make a decent half square to save my soul maybe if I tried this technique I could. Well I can and I LOVE IT!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda! I forgot about "Triangulations" - I have that CD, too! Maybe I'll try that on the next batch - see which way I like better. ;))


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