Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where was I ??

Where was I??

Before I got so RUDELY interrupted!!

I swear – (but I won’t - even though I REALLY want to ;)) -

And maybe it's just me - but -

I have a HUGE love/hate relationship with computers –

I LOVE them when they work –

I HATE them when they don’t –

I HATE messing with them – unless I WANT to –

As you probably know already (if you read Thursday’s post) –

Monday the keyboard on my laptop stopped working!!


First it was my mouse - then my printer - then my laptop!!

Normally - a broken keyboard is no biggy - just get another one. But we all know that a laptop is virtually useless without the keyboard - the mouse can only do so much. You certainly can't TYPE with it! And it didn't help when the phone tech support guy told us to hit a certain KEY to get to some screen - HOW do you DO that if the KEYboard doesn't work?? DUH!!

My Other Half and I spent ALL WEEK trying to get my new laptop to the same place - same settings - as the old one. It is SUCH A PAIN!! Like everyone else - most of my settings just evolved over time - new programs - new updates – new settings - etc. We spent Monday trying to figure out if my laptop was worth fixing – deciding that it wasn’t – and then trying to find an affordable replacement. We spent Tuesday trying to get Windows configured right – Wednesday reloading programs - and Thursday trying to get EQ7 to find my projects.

I repeat - WHAT A PAIN!!

The only reason I had posts on Monday, Tuesday and Friday was that they had been "scheduled" on Sunday. Wednesday night I was able to write one for Thursday morning – but without any photos. I wasn't “there” yet.

I really don’t have the patience for this stuff anymore.

I just want to sit down -

check everyone's blog to see what they are doing –

write something for my own blog –

sew for a while -

take a picture or two or twenty ;)) -

and then take my nap.

Computer stuff just frustrates the crap out of me.

It’s like information overload and my brain is full or something. ;))

Even just talking about it – makes my head hurt –

SO -

Where was I??

Oh, yeah – the sashing –

Talk to you later - gotta go – gotta SEW –


Sue said...

I understand completely. Mine has just refused to print. I think it has come out in empathy with yours.

Katie M. said...

I have been incredibly lucky when it comes to computer! (knock on wood) My desktop is probably 10 years old (or better) and I got a virus in it at about 2 or 3 years into it - I personally crashed it and started over. I've since bought an external drive and put all the files and my embroidery designs on the external drive as I figure the time's coming....I replaced my first lap top simply because the power cord was getting lose and sometimes it would work okay, sometimes not..... Anyway, I hope you get all your files and 'stuff' transfered and once again have a happy relationship with your computer.


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