Saturday, January 19, 2013

A bit of reorganizing -

I am a very visual person -

And I am definitely one of those -

“Out of sight - out of mind” types - ;))

I like to have my various projects in separate bins -

And I like to have them within reach -

But I was getting to the point where I had a pile of bins -

And - of course - I usually wanted the one on the bottom - ;))

So I got to thinking that I might want some “drawers” instead -

Yeah - “drawers” would sure be handy in my sewing room - ;))

I have a short little 5-drawer thingy -
But it's too small for projects -

And a tall 10-drawer thingy -
But the drawers are constantly falling off the tracks -

So when Walmart had a sale on the tall 5-drawer units -

In a set of 2 for $41.94 - HERE -

I thought - Yeah, that would work!! - ;))

So we went to Walmart - and scanned one unit - $19.97 -

OK - but that’s not what the website said!?!?!

But wait - that’s CHEAPER than the website said -

Two for less than $40 -

What a deal!!

So we got two -

Put them up against the design wall -

And even though they’re tall -
I still have room for some blocks on the wall -

Now I have 10 new drawers -

For various projects -


I even dumped my bins of strips into separate drawers -

I figured they would be easier to grab for my LHQSQ blocks -

And they are sorted by size - ;))

I’ll sort then by color within each drawer -

When I have nothing else to do - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Nothing else to do! Listen to you, LOL. I assume they are sorted by light, medium, dark???

    That should work out well for those strips! Keep everything contained till you are ready to pull out a handful when you are ready for a nice scrappy project

    1. Well - kinda - but not really - just a jumble of strips - some rolled up in groups - some loose - ALL need sorting - one of these days - ;))

  2. Good for you. I love those drawer things and wish I had room for a few more. Maybe one day when we get *new* carpet. ;o)

    1. I wish I had a ROOM full of them - not so big that they get heavy and the drawers don't open - and not so little that you can't put a good amount of stuff in them - ;))

  3. I am trying to get better organized too! Seems like a never ending job.
    I have several drawer units like the ones you just got. Love them! I just purchased a 10 drawer unit like the one you have in your picture - the one with the pretty colored drawers. I am hoping my drawers do not fall off the tracks! I have yarn in it now, but the yarn skeins are a little to thick for the drawers. I am thinking of putting my cut strips in it and moving my yarn to where I have the strips stored.

    1. My opinion - and I could be wrong - ;))
      The one with the colored drawers is pretty but not very useful - and way too expensive for what you get. The drawers on mine are shallow and don't hold much - and if you put anything in a drawer that weighs anything at all, they don't stay in the tracks. I have EMPTY drawers that won't stay on the tracks. I think that they were designed for scrapbooking and am finding the tower unit much more useful for my needs - but then again - it's probably just me - ;))


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