Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not much -

Not much design wall stuff to show today -

Spent most of yesterday SEWING -

And I'll show you that later - ;))

Last week I re-arranged my sewing room a little -

I tried to get all four of my machines set up -

Ready to SEW - ;))

Sergio (my serger) lives on the dining room table -

So he’s not moving -

And Lily likes the window seat -

And my White Jeans Machine is set up in a Gidget table -
With the recessed opening and all ready to machine quilt -

So I moved the table kinda perpendicular to the wall -
It's an angled wall - so it looks kinda straight - ;))

Then I put my old Montgomery Ward Signature machine on the back-side -
She sews a VERY short stitch - no matter what the stitch length dial says -
So she is set up for Foundation Paper Piecing -

And then I put SusieQ on the end -

But that didn’t give SuzieQ much room -

So I moved it all around and tried it this way instead -

All of the machines are plugged in and ready to sew -

All of the stuff around them is either on casters or moves easily on the laminate floor -

So if I want/need to Foundation Paper Piece -

I just move the stuff -

Move the sewing machine over to the right on the table -

And SEW -

If I want/need to machine quilt -

I just put the other machines on the floor under the table -


Right now - SuzieQ and I are piecing -

And so far - it seems to be working - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda J said...

Ah, you DID work something out for the room and all the machines then. Give it a whirl and see if it works out as hoped.

I try to unplug mine when I am not using them as I already lost the motherboard on one of my electronic machines. I figured that the short power zaps we get around were not going to be doing my computerized machines any favors. Plus we have a fair amount of tstorms too.

No sewing today but will be back at it tomorrow here.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

So far, so good - ;)) The three sewing machines on the table are plugged into a "surge-protected "power strip and Lily is plugged into her very own "surge-protected" wall plug thingy - so they should be OK. I don't like to unplug my sewing machines - it's too big of a pain to have to re-plug them back in when I want to sew - but I DO unplug my iron when I'm not using it - just out of habit. I like irons with NO auto-shutoff and if I unplug them when I'm done using them - I can tell at a glance that they are OFF - ;))

Linda said...

Hey that looks like it should work well for you. I'm in the rethinking process for my room too. We're talking about getting rid of the carpet in my bedroom and the sewing room. But I have sooooo much stuff in there that it just sends shivers up my spine thinking about moving it all out. I'll ponder awhile more.


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