Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Here's wishing you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

May it be filled with love - good health - good wishes - happiness - prosperity -
and, of course, a whole lot of quilting!!

My New Year's Resolution -

I'm not very good at New Year's resolutions -
Let me rephrase that -
I like to MAKE New Year's Resolutions -
I'm just not very good at KEEPING them.
But I like to make them anyway - just for fun!!

Sounds like last year, huh?

Probably because it IS - ;))

Last year I resolved/hoped to finish NO UFOS in 2012 -

And to start enough new projects to get my list up to 100!! -

I actually DID finish a couple of UFOs - so I broke that one -

And I'd have to recount - but I don't think that I got my list up to 100 -

So I guess that I broke that one too - ;))


I declared my blog a U.F.O.S. - UFO Sanctuary -
Where UFOs are free to roam and frolic with no worry at all of EVER being finished and thereby being banished to “DONE-land”.
(At least MOST of them don't need to worry. - ;))

And I made a new button - for the sanctuary and all of us UFO lovers -
Queen of UFORIA - Where UFOs Reside In Abundance -

So I accomplished something -

But this year - no resolutions - no pressure -

All I want/need to do is maintain my Slow Poke Quilter status -

And run the Leisurely Turtle Race to Christmas With Squirrels Allowed - 2013 -
with Linda - here -

Then there's the Squirrels - ;))

So this year -

What will be - will be - ;))


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

1 comment:

Linda J said...

LOL, there you go---march to your own drum and have a ball doing it!


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