Friday, January 18, 2013

Progress Report - 1/18/13

I took a couple of days off from blogging -

To do a bit of re-organizing -
I'll show you later - ;))

And to work on my version of “Easy Street” -
Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street Mystery Quilt - HERE -

After my Easy Street took its Detour - HERE -

I decided to work on the "Turkey Combos" -

All 64 of them - ;))

These turkeys (pun intended) took me a LONG time to get together -

And it was really SLOW going -

But I'm in no hurry - ;))

I am a Slow Poke Quilter -

And I like it that way - ;))

I ENJOY the PROCESS of quilting -

And I don't need them done in a day - or two -

But a week would be nice - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I did a little bit of reorganizing here as well. Got rid of a box of old quilt pictures so that's gone from the closet shelf even if only one box is reasonably compartmentalized. That was last night and it was getting late.

    This morning is one the lower drawer of my two drawer file cabinet. Some of it is gone to the donation bin but I told DJ to just burn the old bank statement from back in IL and dated 1995. That will show you just how long it has been stored in my desk! What started that? I can't find one of my quilt books and I thought if I could make some more room in the file cabinet to look it might help. LOL


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