Thursday, April 12, 2018

Slow going -

Is still GOING - right? - ;))

Last week was the last time I sewed a stitch -

I did manage to get the strip sets of three sorted in pairs -

One pair is sewn and pressed - ready to cut -

And some others have already been run through my strip cutter -
I decided not to sew them into "tubes" before I cut them -
The cuts seem to be cleaner if they are "single file" - so to speak -
I'm pinning them in sets and will make the "tubes" later -

But that's about it on the sewing side -

"Life" seems to have been getting in the way lately -

Friday and Saturday - had company visiting -

Sunday - lazy day - didn't do much of anything -

Monday - researched a "project" to be revealed later -

Tuesday - visitors - again - different ones -

Wednesday - more "research" - VERY time consuming -
My project turned out to be more complicated than I thought - UGH -
But I tend to "overthink" stuff - so it's probably just me -

Thursday - figured I better post something before I forget how - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Some days it just seems I have nothing to blog about. Mostly that is due to my laziness in taking photos. ha ha.

Julie Fukuda said...

Sometimes life just takes over. My flimsy is going together slowly. I have had five visits about my leaky roof and today's included some outside work that hopefully stops water coming in. Rain is expected over the weekend so we will see. The bill comes later so I hope the work was worth what I will need to pay. Today was my cub pack meeting with a day of prep work. Tomorrow I am off with the honor scouts for a day of service, and Sunday starts with singing at the early service (walk Nikko and get out by seven), then family is coming to celebrate what would have been my husband's 81st birthday in the evening. Monday out at 4:am for rice delivery and then a day at school. Maybe I will have something to post by Tuesday.... See, you aren't the only one.


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