Friday, December 27, 2019

Busy - busy -

Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas!! -

Mine was very quiet and peaceful -

Just the way I like it - ;))

I spent most of my time sewing -

And was having so much FUN -

That I totally forgot about blogging - LOL - ;))

I played with the Imperial Bargello -
And got the right panel sewn together -
Which I will show you some other day -

I took time out to play with a 3-D project -
Using some jelly roll strips and my LEFT-EZE Rule™ -
That I already told you about - HERE -

Then a friend chose two strip packs for two lap quilts -

The first one is Victoria and Albert - Island Batik -

The second one is Dear William - Island Batik -

I'll use one of my favorite patterns - Interweave - Timeless Treasures -

And then I got a BEAUTIFUL Christmas card from Linda S - Art in Search -

Lucky me - I'm on her Christmas card list!! - ;))

Then I got a big box of wonderfulness from a friend -

And had to laugh when I saw that she had included a baggie of thread bits -

I save thread, too! - LOL - ;))

I also got a "blast from the past" when a bloggy buddy from years ago found my blog again and emailed me from out of the blue. What a nice surprise that was! We had lost touch when she stopped blogging - and it was such fun to re-connect after all this time - ;))

In the studio -

I cut out and sewed all of the pieces together to make the columns on the
Victoria and Albert - Interweave -
But haven't laid them out yet -

I cut out and sewed all of the pieces together to make the columns on the
Dear William - Interweave -
And then got them laid out -
I'm sewing the columns together now -
I'll show you that some other day, too -

Then I was reading Annie's blog - Annie's Quilt Orts -
And was intrigued by the "Chef's Boa" - which is/was new to me -
They looked like great little gifts for family and friends -

So I searched and found a tutorial for making a "Kitchen/Scarf Boa" - HERE -
They are very pricey to buy -
And much cheaper and more fun to make -
All you need is a couple of washcloths and some fabric and thread -

So I had to make one - or three - LOL - ;))

And by that time Christmas was over -

And I realized that I hadn't posted anything in over a week -

Maybe I should add "blog more often" to my list of New Year's Resolutions -

But I never keep those anyway -

So let's just say that I'll try to do better from now on - LOL - ;))

And - as much as I hate to spam my readers with "Buy Me" crap -

Here's a friendly reminder -

My LEFT-EZE Rule™ is ON SALE FOR 20% OFF - $22.00 at My Store - HERE -
US Dollars - No Coupon/Code Necessary -
With Flat Rate Shipping - $8.00 -
U.S. Only -

Through the end of December 2019 -

You don't need a PayPal account - you can use your credit card - PayPal is just my online payment processor. Or you can email me at "caseyq19 - at - gmail - dot - com" - and put "Order" in the subject line - if you would rather send me a check - ;))

Christmas is over -

But if you are A Left-Handed Quilter like me -
Or you know someone who is -

The LEFT-EZE Rule™ will help start the New Year off right LEFT - LOL - ;))

It's a LEFT-Triangle - designed for Left-Handed Quilters - ;))

To trim the selvage -
Cut Half-Square Triangles (HST) -
And Quarter-Square Triangles (QST) for Hourglass Blocks -
And Flying Geese units -
And Squares -

Using Pre-cut strips -


No more "flipping" rulers - OVER - BACK - or SIDEWAYS -

The numbers go in the CORRECT direction -

And are EASY TO READ -

Because -

It's LEFT-HANDED!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sherry said...

My Christmas was quiet also....spent it in the hospital with a severe inner ear infection.

Mr. Books started with bronchitis and decided to share....and I got hit bad. Nothing that I wanted to do got done....but at least it wasn't a worse situation.

Looking forward to seeing what you've done when you are ready to share.

Frog Quilter said...

I used your ruler for the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery and it made the cutting easy. Thanks for a great product for left handed persons.

Gene Black said...

I spent my Christmas with family and didn't do any sewing. I did give a lot of pot holders as presents - and they were all very appreciated.

I am looking forward to seeing the Imperial Bargello Half that you have sewn. And once the crazy "returning" at the big box stores has finished, I will get new washcloths and make one of those boas for *me*. Thanks for sharing that.

Cindy Quilts said...

I'm glad you got to spend Christmas doing something you enjoy! I'm looking forward to seeing the bargello quilt!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Thank you for acknowledging the card. It is a joy to send my cards to those who love them. Love your blog!

Sue said...

My Christmas was pretty quiet. We stayed home, as DH is crook as a dog with the lurgy.

Linda's card is beautiful!

I'm really happy we found each other again after so long. I'm still smiling about renewing our friendship.

Julie Fukuda said...

I am having a busy time with daughters and granddaughters from the states. No stitching done other than to alter my #1 daughter's slacks and a bit of mending. Things should quiet down next week ... hopefully after finding all the items that have been moved out of the way. It is such a joy to reconnect with a friend after a long pause.


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