Monday, December 16, 2019

Last week -

Was very interesting - ;))

For a little background - I used to enter my quilts in the County Fair and some local Quilt Shows - and I have my share of blue ribbons for my efforts - but I haven't done that in over twenty years -

More recently - for years and years - my friend, Susan has tried to get me to enter one of my quilts in the annual National Arts Program Exhibit - at the local venue -

Their blurb says -
Artists invited to participate in this exhibition include (venue) employees, retirees and their immediate family members. The National Arts Program is pleased to provide materials and funding for this visual art exhibit including awards totaling $3,450.
I qualify as an immediate family member of a retiree (my husband) -

And for years and years - I have said "No" -
I don't consider myself an "Art Quilter" -
And I didn't think that I had made anything that could be considered "Art" -

Then - earlier this year - in July - I decided to Skip a Squirrel -

And blogged about my daily progress -

As I made a "confetti" quilt that I called Autumn Trees -

So this year - when Susan asked me again -

I thought that I had finally made something that could qualify as "Art" -

I asked her to come over to the house - take a look at it - and tell me what she thought -

She liked it - and I entered it in the Exhibit - just for fun - ;))

Fast forward to last week -

The "Award Ceremony/Reception" for the Exhibit was to be held Friday evening -

Friday the 13th - LOL - ;))

Tuesday - 12/10/19 - I had decided that I wanted to attend the "Reception" - just to check out the competition - if nothing else - so I asked Susan if she wanted to go with me - thinking it might be fun - and she said yes -

Wednesday - 12/11/19 - I received two separate emails titled -
Invitation to (venue) Employee | Retiree Exhibition Awards Ceremony & Reception | December 13th 5:30-7:00pm

Thursday - 12/12/19 - I received another email -
Congratulations. Your art will be recognized during the (venue) Employee | Retiree Award Reception 12/13/19 5:30-7:00 pm.

That sounded like I won something - I just didn't know what it was - LOL - ;))

I thought I probably got a "participation" award along with everyone else -

And that reminded me of a line I saw somewhere -

"Well, at least she tried, bless her heart." - LOL - ;))

Friday - 12/13/19 - Susan and I went to the Exhibit Award Reception - and had a great time! - The curator did a wonderful job with the awards presentations -

They had five categories -

Adult (Amateur - Intermediate - Professional) - Teen - Youth -

With five awards in each category -

1st - 2nd - 3rd - and 2 honorable mentions -

So - 25 awards plus an Art Education Award and Best of Show -

Out of 89 entries -

I got a 3rd place ribbon in my category - Adult - Intermediate -

Not too shabby for my first try in an Art Exhibit, huh? -

The curator read the judges' comments before he called the names -

They were really nice - mine said -
A meticulous master piece representing a beautiful new fall season.
Color combinations complement the other, defining depth within a pseudo world.
I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited -

Guess I'm an "Award-winning Art Quilter" now -

And we can add "National" since it's part of the "National Arts Program" - LOL - ;))

Isn't that a hoot? - LOL - ;))


I want to celebrate my ART EXHIBITION AWARD -

And I want to do something SPECIAL for all of my readers -

So - for the first time EVER -

My LEFT-EZE Rule™ is ON SALE FOR 20% OFF - $22.00 at My Store - HERE -
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Through the end of December 2019 -

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You don't have to have a PayPal account -
You can pay with a credit card -
PayPal is just my online payment processor -

Or you can email me at "caseyq19 - at - gmail - dot - com" -
Put "Order" in the subject line -
And you can send me a personal check - ;))

So if you are A Left-Handed Quilter like me -

Or you have one on your Christmas gift list -

The LEFT-EZE Rule™ is the perfect gift this season -

Christmas isn't that far away now -

So I can't guarantee that you will get your order before Christmas -

But you should get it in time for the New Year -

To start the year off right LEFT - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Barbara said...

Wow, EXCELLENT! I celebrate in spirit, and think you are quite generous to celebrate with others, but alas, I’m not left-handed. CONGRATULATIONS, your piece now will get the recognition it deserves. I recall your posts of putting it together, the indecision at times, and to me what seemed to be decisions about construction that bucked all the tides. But it was beautiful, and as I followed along, it became a treasure in the end. Who knew?! I am majorly impressed and happy for you!

Gene Black said...

A very big congratulations on your award - Mrs. National Award Winning Quilt Artist.


Frog Quilter said...

Congratulations and we already knew you are a ARTIST! 😃

Katie said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited and happy for you! You never know when you enter a competition what the judges are looking for or what they will like - despite "rules" it is extremely subjective. Good for you meeting the evasive target! Now...will you enter again next year?

Sherry said...

Congratulations and Bravo you!

I hope that you will still want to associate with us "mere peasants" now that you are a "big deal". LOL

Now, you have to start planning your entry for next year.

Have a lovely day.

Sarah said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed watching the progress of this award winning art quilt - I am glad you entered it. I just love it!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Congratulations and what a nice judge's comment!!

Cindy Quilts said...

Congratulations! And, such a lovely comment from the judge! I'm so glad you entered. It is a beautiful work of art.

Barb said...

How exciting is happy for you.


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