Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Dear William Interweave -

Is coming along nicely -

And is going to be pretty - ;))

I had company the last couple of days -

Family who came to visit after spending time with "other" family -

Some of you probably knows how that goes -

We can't all be everywhere at the same time - LOL -

So now that they have gone back home -

After a wonderful visit -

I'll get back to sewing some more - ;))

And another reminder -

My LEFT-EZE Rule™ is ON SALE FOR 20% OFF - $22.00 at My Store - HERE -
US Dollars - No Coupon/Code Necessary -
With Flat Rate Shipping - $8.00 -
U.S. Only -

Through the end of December 2019 -

You don't need a PayPal account - you can use your credit card - PayPal is just my online payment processor. Or you can email me at "caseyq19 - at - gmail - dot - com" - and put "Order" in the subject line - if you would rather send me a check - ;))

We're running out of December -

So if you are A Left-Handed Quilter like me -
Or you know someone who is -

The LEFT-EZE Rule™ will help start the New Year off right LEFT - LOL - ;))

It's a LEFT-Triangle - designed for Left-Handed Quilters - ;))

To trim the selvage -
Cut Half-Square Triangles (HST) -
And Quarter-Square Triangles (QST) for Hourglass Blocks -
And Flying Geese units -
And Squares -

Using Pre-cut strips -


No more "flipping" rulers - OVER - BACK - or SIDEWAYS -

The numbers go in the CORRECT direction -

And are EASY TO READ -

Because -

It's LEFT-HANDED!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

This is going to be pretty! Of course you know how much I love batiks. And the purples in this collection are so pretty with the greens and tans.

Sue said...

It's looking lovely!

Cindy Quilts said...

Ooh, pretty! You've been busy. Glad you had a nice family visit.


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