Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Playtime -

First - my "puzzle" friend and I put this puzzle together last week -

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving -

A "Patchwork" quilt - so fun! - ;))

Sorry for the blurry photo - but it was a "Luxe" - 500 piece -

Then - over the weekend -

I played with cutting some of the strips for the Imperial Bargello -

The pattern is symmetrical - and - because I'm LEFT-handed - and cut from the RIGHT end of strips and panels - and NOT the LEFT - as the instructions state -

I had to come up with my own little plan -

I started with the RIGHT panel - and in the center of the pattern - then cut my strips in order all the way out to the outer edge - reading the pattern from LEFT to RIGHT - but cutting the strips BACKWARDS - from RIGHT to LEFT -

Then I "reversed" the order when I laid out the strips from LEFT to RIGHT - with the help of my little chart - reading from the center to the RIGHT of the diagram - and shifting the strips UP and DOWN as needed to make the design work -

This may sound confusing and not make much sense to those of you who are RIGHT-handed and can cut anything according to the instructions as written - but being LEFT-handed - I often need to compensate in one way or another - and this is just one of them. The "instructions" are usually pretty clear - it's the "directions" that mess me up at times - LOL - ;))

It looks like it's working nicely - so far -

But I haven't started to cut the LEFT panel yet -

So I don't know for sure what I need to do to get THAT one to come out correctly -

I should be able to lay it out like I did the RIGHT panel -

And then just go around to the other side of the kitchen island -


Starting again in the center of the pattern - then cutting my strips in order all the way out to the outer edge - reading the pattern UPSIDE-DOWN from LEFT to RIGHT - and cutting the strips BACKWARDS - from RIGHT to LEFT -

But we'll have to wait to see if that will actually work -

Like it does in my head - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Barbara said...

Neat puzzle! I could never do one like that so quickly. Next, your quilt is lovely! I admit to not following all your steps accommodating being left handed, but the result is great. Slowing down on my end, both creating and commenting.

Gene Black said...

Our public library has a puzzle table that anyone who comes in can work on the puzzle. I had some spare time one day when I was there so I played with a stranger who was there working on it. We had fun chatting about puzzle strategy.

The bargello is looking good. I was concerned that with the prints it might lose some of the motion but the design is very evident. I am excited to see how it works out for you.

Rebecca said...

I am confused just reading your adjustments to make this work!!!
Looking forward to seeing this one when its done.
I tell people I use to do jigsaw puzzles and then I started quilting. Like a puzzle and you get to snuggle down in it. And if you lose a piece all you have to do is make another one!

Julie Fukuda said...

My extended family is big on jigsaw puzzles for any holiday. It is one thing I miss having such a small living space. Your bargello seems to be coming along nicely. I would never be able to keep something arranged and laid out without it getting all stirred up.


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