Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another reader - YAY!!

Wow!!   Now I know of four people who actually read my left-handed quilter blog -

#1 - My favorite sister-in-law
#2 - Quilting, Sewing GRANNY - my very first "Follower"
#3 - Julie Fukuda (Japan) - who commented on my "Surfing" post

and now...

#4 - Rose - who commented on my last post - and my second "Follower"

YAY!! - another Flipping Lefty!! 

We need a slogan -  like -
Flipping Lefities Unite!!
But that comes out F.L.U - so gotta think some more on that one!!

I'm really hoping that other left-handed quilters out there in blogland will find this blog eventually - and that they will leave comments - and tell me/us what gives them trouble - what they need help with - and also share their own tips and tricks.  There is always more than one way of doing things - and this blog is only my way.

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta take some photos for my next couple of posts.  It's a real pain trying to explain this stuff without photos!!  Sure glad I figured out how to do that!!

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