Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Grief!!




I had to make a speadsheet to keep track of them all - the rows have the names of the quilts - the columns across the top have the steps that need to be completed.

So - in order of "Almost Done" to "Barely Started"  -

  6 - Need(s) Story and Photos
  1 - Need(s) Label - Heart - Scrap Card - Story and Photos
11 - Need(s) Quilting and all of the above
  1 - Need(s) Basting and all of the above
  2 - Need(s) Back - Sleeve - Binding - Label and all of the above
  3 - Need(s) Top Construction - Layout - Borders - etc.
  9 - Need(s) Block Construction - Partially Done - etc.
  6 - Are Cut and Basted for Hawaiian Applique - Wallhangings - etc.
  7 - Are Cut and Basted for Hawaiian Applique - Pillowtops - etc.
  5 - Are Cut and Need to be Pieced - Not Started Yet - etc.
13 - Are Prepped - Pre-washed - Pressed - and Ready to Cut - etc.
64 - TOTAL

SIXTY - FOUR - not counting the three that I gave away and the two that are not even mine (I'm just helping out) - in eleven different "Stages of Completion".  Geez!!

But I guess it could be worse - I didn't count the ones that are in my head -

OR -

the patterns that I want to try
the fabric collections that I want to use
the charm packs
the jelly rolls
the layer cakes
the fat quarters
and the kits - in my "Fabric Stash Room".  That would get the number up to a couple of hundred, for sure!!  And the stuff Santa brought me - forgot about that!!


OK - Kitty - breathe!!

So now I need a plan of attack...

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta plan - and breathe -

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