Friday, December 31, 2010

So here's the Plan...

Since I listed my UFOs in order of "Almost Done" to "Barely Started" - I decided that the goal is to move everything to the top of the list - and then off it altogether and over to the "Done" list.

I thought maybe I could start by combining a couple of groups - or by doing some "chunks" -

  • 1 - Need(s) Label - Heart - Scrap Card - Story and Photo
I could finish this one up and also show you how I make labels - FPP hearts - scrap cards - and do my stories.  (You can take your own photos.;))

  • 6 - Need(s) Story and Photos
These should go rather quickly - except for the photo part.  I try to take photos of my quilts as I go along - I love the "in progress" shots.  But - it is such a pain to take photos of a finished quilt in my house.  I hang quilts on a curtain rod/pole on the wall behind the sofa in the family room - but moving the sofa - climbing up on a ladder to hang a quilt - climbing back down to take the photo - climbing back up to take it down and turn it around so I can take a photo of the back - and then back down again - etc. - is a royal PITA.  Maybe I'll try to put them on the bed instead (yeah, right - after I actually make the bed, huh?)

  • 11 - Need(s) Quilting and all of the above
  •   1 - Need(s) Basting and all of the above
If I basted the one - I could add it to the group that needs to be quilted (11).  Free Motion Quilting is not my "thing".  Other blogs are far better at explaining how to do that - check out "A Few Scraps" and "The Free Motion Quilting Project" - you will find them listed on the right sidebar.  So those may be on my UFO list a while longer - until I feel like practicing my quilting (or send them out to be quilted).  I do want to finish the baby quilts, though - I would like the "babies" to get them before they hit kindergarten!!

  •   2 - Need(s) Back - Sleeve - Binding - Label and all of the above
Then I could work on these two and show you how I make the Back - Sleeve - and Binding.  Then baste them both and add them to the "Need Quilting" pile - along with all the other ones!!  Free Motion Quilting appears to be looming up ahead - don't you think??  I don't mind sending out my larger quilts to be quilted - but it seems silly to me to send out the smaller crib/wall hanging sized ones.  I've quilted twin-sized quilts before - I should be able to quilt the little ones myself!!

  •   3 - Need(s) Top Construction - Layout - Borders - etc.
  •   9 - Need(s) Block Construction - Partially Done - etc.
  •   5 - Are Cut and Need to be Pieced - Not Started Yet - etc.
  • 13 - Are Prepped - Pre-washed - Pressed - and Ready to Cut - etc.
The ones that are partially done (3 + 9) - pieced - can be worked on "whenever" - I'm not worried about those.  I'm also not going to worry about the ones that haven't been cut out yet (13) - or the ones that are cut and not started yet (5) - their time will come.  And I have to have something to play with!!  (Did I just say that I'm not worried about 30 of my UFOs??  No wonder I have so many!!)

  •   6 - Are Cut and Basted for Hawaiian Applique - Wallhangings - etc.
  •   7 - Are Cut and Basted for Hawaiian Applique - Pillowtops - etc.
The Hawaiian Applique ones (6 + 7) are a challenge.  Those were basted many years ago and just waiting for me to "retire" and have the time to do them "by hand" in the traditional Hawaiian manner.  I mean no disrespect (by the way, disrespect is NOT a verb) - and truly wish that I could complete each and every one of them by hand.  But - since I can no longer do handwork - I will have to figure out a way to finish them by machine.  Perhaps I could use them to practice some "threadpainting" techniques - that might be fun!!  I will have to think about that - which is probably why these are still UFOs!

So - I think that covers all 64 of these suckers.  Now I  have a "PLAN".  I know, I know - "PLAN" is a four-letter word - and - "The best laid plans..." and all of that - but it's better than nothing - and that will have to do for now.

Wish me luck!!


The Plan - Revised -

The stuff I wrote above was drafted before I received Heather's comment about the UFO Challenge on Patchwork Times.

Interesting idea - but I can't decide if I want to formally join the challenge or not.  I'm not much of a joiner - and I do march to a different drummer - so maybe not this time.  On the other hand - Judy is asking for twelve different UFOs and I already have eleven "Stages of Completion" - so if I add one more "Stage"  - I could work on my "Stages" while everyone else tackles one quilt.  That might actually work.  I think I'll try that!!

And I even have the perfect title for "Stage 12" - 

Whatever I Feel Like Working On Today!!


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta watch that ball drop!!

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