Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Slow Poke Quilter

I found a new site - Mama Made This - Slow Poke Quilter.

WOW!! - a lady after my own heart!!  And with a bunch of followers who feel the same way!!  I will need to take some time to read her posts - but in the meantime - I added her badge to my sidebar.  I think she agrees with me that quilting is not a race - it's a process - and it's supposed to be fun!!

So - Rule #3 - Remember - Quilting is Supposed to be FUN!

In previous posts I have sometimes mentioned my sister-in-law.  We share a birthday - I am five years older.  We are both left-handed.  She is a gourmet cook - I am a quilter.

I am always amazed at her culinary expertise and she is impressed with my quilts.  I think we both agree that it is easy to impress the other because neither one of us knows how to do what the other one does.  She makes her elaborate meals look easy - but I can't do it for the life of me.  I  make quilts that are easy, but look complicated - and she is impressed with what appears to be a time-consuming and difficult hobby.

She knows that I have "worked" on some of my quilts for years.  She doesn't realize that I was "working" on others at the same time - and that the "work" was actually "play" and I was having FUN!!  I didn't finish them because I didn't WANT to - it would have been like packing up all of my toys and going home - and who wants to do that when they are having such a good time!  My quilts are fun to play with and I actually miss them when they are done.

Now that she has discovered quilting - we have something else to share.  Only problem is - she won't be as easy to impress anymore.  Oh, darn!!

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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