Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vote For Me

Last Sunday night I checked the Quilting Gallery website and took a look at their Weekly-Themed Contests.  I voted for Julie Fukuda's Tablerunner for the Holidays - barely making the voting deadline - Sunday 11:59PM - but better late than never, right?  Right!  Julie - you got my vote.  I love your stuff!!

Anyway - while I was there - I checked out the contest for this week - Christmas (non-tablerunner).  I don't usually enter contests like this - BUT - imagine my surprise when I realized that I have a quilt that would actually qualify!!

So - I entered it.  Wow!!  What fun!!

My quilt is called Christmas Lights - and it was a 3-part Mystery Quilt featured in last year's Quiltmaker magazine (July/August 2009 - Sept/Oct 2009 - Nov/Dec 2009).  It was designed by the wonderful and fabulous Bonnie Hunter!!  I love her site -  She makes the most amazing scrap quilts and has her famous "Scrap-User's System".  She has also completely redone the instructions for this quilt and posted them on her website - for FREE!!

Anyway, I made it for Grandson #1 - whose birthday is December 23.  He helped me with the layout and recognizes scraps that I used in this quilt as having come from other quilts that I made for him and his brothers.

When we were putting the blocks on the design wall - I tried to explain that I wanted the blocks to be "on point" with the red points on the left and right.  He finally understood when I said "First Base" and "Third Base"!!  Boys!!  Gotta luv 'em!!

Then he laughed when he saw the border fabric I chose - half-eaten gingerbread men and cartons of milk!!  (You never know what you will find in my stash - but I knew that fabric would come in handy one day!!  It made me laugh when I saw it - and I just had to have it!!)

My friend, Mary, quilted it with a "Christmas Lights" all-over pantograph pattern - it seems like that pattern was just made for this quilt.  I truly love how it turned out.

This quilt was my first attempt at a magazine Mystery Quilt - and - my first HUGE scrap quilt - and it didn't even make a minor dent in my scrap stash!!  Go figure!!  Guess I'll just have to make more scrap quilts, huh?  

So - anyway - VOTE FOR ME!!

Voting is open Friday to Sunday 11:59PM - HERE.


Talk to you later - gotta go -


Rose said...

Hey Kitty, That is one "bitchin" quilt! Tried my best to vote for you but to no avail. Computers and I get along about as well as rotary cutters and I do.

I have been reading your older posts and I firmly believe that we are twins from different mothers. I also love The Bitchy Stitcher, I bought Leah Day's sewing cabinet and love it and, how weird is this, I made the Take Four placemats for my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas. Spooky, huh?

Gotta go read some more of your posts. I will get back to you soon.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Hi Rose -

Nice to meet you. Spooky is right - but then again, maybe it's just the "great minds think alike" thing. Either way - Welcome to my blog!! I enjoy reading your comments - keep 'em coming!!

And thanks for letting me know that the link to the voting was not working properly. I think I fixed it - so - please try again. I really appreciate your vote - especially since it may be the only one - ;)

I just checked out my "competition" and probably have a "snowball's chance" of winning - but it was fun to enter.

Thanks again for your vote.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Rose -

P.S. - another thought regarding voting -

If the link at "HERE" doesn't work - try clicking on the purple logo box for the "Weekly-Themed Contest" - on the right side-bar - just above the "Followers" section - that should take you to the correct website page. (I hope.)


Julie Fukuda said...

Hey Rose, Us leftys have to stick together. I guess I owe you...
Your quilt is really cute. I love making things for my grandkids too and finding the perfect fabric.
My table runner and quilt are the only Christmassy things I've got out so far and you can hardly see either because the sofa and table are covered with pieces of banner trying to get its act together.
Have a great weekend!

Linda C said...

That is very cute border fabric and it looks like you are going to get a bit more mileage from it!

I love the story about 1st and 3rd on a baseball diamond to explain what on point meant. Now you are talking in a way your grandson could understand! Cute. Your version turned out well.


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