Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Heather -

Dear Heather -

My stats show your blog ( as a "Referring Site" to my blog.


I have tried - and tried - and tried - to visit your blog - but EVERY time I try - your page flashes ON my screen - and then - just as quickly - flashes OFF again.  (Sometimes I think my computer acts like a spoiled brat - if it would just do what I told it to do - everything would be fine!!)

Anyway - I can't tell if the problem is on my end or on yours.  I have no other way of contacting you - and I thought you should know.  (And I'm crossing my fingers that you are actually reading this!)

I did manage, however, to visit your ETSY site - and I want to know where you got the sewing machine in your drawing - that sucker sure looks left-handed to me!!



Anyone else out there having the same problem - or is it just me??  Let me know.  I'd really like to check out her blog and see/know what she thinks of mine.  Thanks.

Talk to you later - gotta go -


  1. I ran across your Blog and I too am Left handed and I'm just getting into Quilting. I read your tips for cutting and all of that for Left handers.

    I am a follower of your Blog now. I too have a Blog and here is mine:

    Take care & Happy Quilting
    Linda K

  2. Oh my gosh!!! How surprised was I when I saw that you had left a message FOR ME!!!! :)
    Thank you!
    I do enjoy your blog and am very flattered that you want to visit mine!
    So...whenever I use firefox and try to view my blog the same thing happens to me. It very quickly blinks on and then just loads and loads.
    But I find when I access it from internet explorer I don't have that problem.
    I have NO idea why it does this and I'm wonder if you're using Firefox?
    Now that I know this happens to other people who want to visit my blog I will definitely see what I can do.
    I am a left handed quilter and was very excited to see you blog!!
    THANK YOU for checking into mine.
    I'm going to check into this problem right now.
    :) Heather

  3. Heather -

    So glad I was able to reach you! Thank you for stopping by my blog - I was hoping that you would!

    Yes - I use Firefox. Now that I know that may be the cause - I will try to visit your site using Interet Explorer. Wish me luck! You know how temperamental computers can be! ;)


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