Sunday, February 11, 2018

Oh, what a Scrappy Day! -

That sounds much better than "Oh, what a Crumby Day!" -

But either way - after the "chore" of getting my taxes ready for my accountant - I was ready for some "playtime". The newest scraps were sorted though - "un-sewn" and put away. Then I pulled out the cookie sheets with my "crumb" blocks in various stages of completion -

The cookie sheets were sitting on top of a larger bin full of "crumbs" -

Which was on top of another bin full of baggies with miscellaneous scraps - ;))

For my next Free-Motion Quilting project - I chose Christmas Blocks - 6x6 - found the gold colored cotton thread that I used on the smaller version - and wound a couple of bobbins - so it's ready to go. I know it's not Christmas yet - but if I start now - I should be done by then - LOL - ;))

If you're here to check out my "quilty" stuff - you can stop reading now - the rest of this post is about the "ducks" that I want to take care of this week -


Ducks -

Along with my "playtime" I want/need to get my "ducks in a row".

It's not something we necessarily ever think about - but with the death of my husband three years ago - the sudden death of my neighbors in October - and the recent "Thomas Fire" and mudslides - I know that life can change in an instant.

If I suddenly get very ill, am comatose, or in an accident - someone will need to know my medical history (allergies/medications/dates/procedures/surgeries/hospitalizations/doctor contacts). If I suddenly die, someone will need access to my business/finances/health information. They will need to know my bank info - my debt payments (bills/utilities - who/what/when/how) - insurance info - etc. - in order to pay my bills and/or close my various accounts - including those online.

I had mentioned working on this before - so I checked back to my post - HERE - to see what I had shared so far. I think it makes sense to "reverse it" and start with what to do when I die - then add the I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) information.

I might as well start with reviewing that file to see if anything needs to be updated. And I should probably make it a habit to review ALL of my "duck" information every couple of months or so - just to make sure that it is current. The changes will be in my head - but that won't help if I'm not here or able to communicate them.

After that I'll start on the rest - and keep you posted - ;))

In the meantime, if you're interested in some of what I did when my husband died - I have a series of posts on Quilter BOB that I called "Widowhood Wednesday". If you follow the link - read the post - then click on "Newer Post" at the bottom - you can read them all in order. There are eleven posts and I covered a lot of territory with a lot information. I have a disclaimer at the top that reads - in part - that it is NOT intended to be professional advice of ANY sort - but simply some of what I did - and it may or may not be what you want/need to do when the time comes - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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Gene Black said...

Lots of crumbs and scraps on your trays and in your bags.

The ICE and 'when I'm gone' info are things we often don't like to think about. But it is really quite necessary -or at least a really good idea- to provide that bit of help to your family/loved ones who will have to deal with all of it.


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