Sunday, October 8, 2017

Lavender lovely -

Thank you all for your kind comments regarding the tragic deaths of my neighbors. I met them last Christmas at a "block" party. I didn't know either one of them very well - but we always smiled and waved when we saw each other. They lived across the street and one house over. That is very close to home. Such a waste of two really nice people - plus 60 more. The world is full of crazy and not the fun kind.

Directly across the street - my neighbors are grandparents again - their oldest daughter and her husband just had a little girl - and their son now has a little sister. I saw the daughter (who was visiting her parents) on my way back to my house after getting the mail that day - and told her the news - we were/are all numb.

Earlier in the afternoon I had asked her to choose a color - I am going to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt for the little one.

Life and death -

The color she chose was lavender -

I narrowed my thread choices to "Violet" for the piecing -
Connecting Threads #20881 - Essential - 100% cotton - Size 50 -

And "Purple Reign Variegated" for the quilting -
Connecting Threads #21335 - Essential - 100% cotton - Size 50 -

And thought that I would use my LEFT-EZE Rule to make the diagonal cuts -
You can follow the link to my other blog for a more detailed "demo" -

I chose two strips - trimmed the selvage -

Cut a HST off one end -
No sense wasting fabric - might as well have something useful left over after I make the diagonal cut -

Sewed the rest of the two strips together on the diagonal -

Pressed them open and trimmed the dog-ear -

And - even though - that was easy enough - I decided that it would take too much brain power to make sure that all of the diagonal cuts would go the "correct" way - on each end of the strips. I could cut a bunch of them at the same - but do I stack them all right-side-up and cut off one end and then flip them all over to cut off the other end? Or do I pair them wrong-sides-together and cut them that way?

I'm sorry but I just didn't want to have to think about it - I needed some mindless sewing as my brain wandered - so I decided to cut another HST - to get back to a straight edge -

Wound up with two sets of HST -

Sewed them together - and trimmed them up. They will wind up either on the back or in my scrap bin - they will not go to waste -

Then I went back to the "Jelly Roll Race Quilt" -
Mindless sewing with straight seams -
And got as far as this -

If you're here to check out my "quilty" stuff - you can stop reading now -

The rest of this post is about the "ducks" that I took care of this week -


When I went to the doctor on Wednesday -

We reviewed my file and updated some information.

I guess you could say that we "reversed" it -

We started with what to do when I died -

Whole Body Donation for Medical Science -
My husband had wanted to be an organ donor -
But cancer patients aren’t allowed - for obvious reasons -
So he did some research on the internet -
And was able to donate his “Whole Body” to a Medical School for research -
When he died - the Pastor contacted the Medical School per the donor registration card - and they came within three hours -

I have decided to do the same thing and made sure my doctor had a copy of my donor card. In the event of my death he is to contact the Medical School - Whole Body Donation for Medical Science. It may sound gross - but the young doctors need to be able to "operate" on cadavers - and I won't need my body anymore so it may as well be used for something other than bug food - ;))

Advance Health Care Directive -
I have had one of these since 2013 - and some of the contact information has changed since then - so I made sure that he had the new information.

POLST - Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment -
We reviewed and updated the information on this one, too. It's a neon pink form that "complements an Advance Directive and is not intended to replace that document." You specify whether or not you want anyone to Attempt Resuscitation - what kind of medical interventions you want - your wishes regarding artificially administered nutrition - and whether or not you have an Advance Directive. I put mine on my refrigerator with an index card indicating the location of my I.C.E. information.

I.C.E. - In Case of Emergency -
I have a folder with the following information -
In the event of my death - the contact information for the Medical School and a copy of my donor card.
A copy of my medical insurance card - front and back.
A copy of the Patient Information Form (PIF) - the Authorization To Release Medical Information to Individuals/Family Members - with a list of names and contact information.

In case of emergency - Physicians -
A list of my doctors - name - address - phone -
My Primary Care Physician and specialists that I currently see - including my dentist
And a list of "Preferred Physicians - If Needed" - other doctors that I would like(?) if needed

In case of emergency - Medications - Family Health History -
A list of my prescribed medications - name - dosage - when I take them - what they are for
A list of my over-the-counter medications - same information
Family Health History - who had what
In case of an emergency - if I have to call 9-1-1 - the paramedics are going to need to know what medications I take. That was one of the first things they asked me when I had to call 9-1-1 one time when my husband had a bad reaction to some new medication. The hospital will probably need/want to know, too -

In case of emergency - general information about me -
My birth date - height - weight - blood type - allergies - assistive devices - medical conditions - surgeries/hospitalization - again - because the paramedics and/or hospital might need/want to know - before they can contact my Primary Care Physician.

In case of emergency - Contacts -
Names and contact information for family/friends who need to be contacted - who has the Power of Attorney for my Health Care/Advanced Health Care Directive - and who has keys to the house - so someone can lock up when they leave.

And we went over all of that before I talked to my neighbor's daughter about the color she liked/wanted for her new daughter's baby quilt -

And before I found out about the death of my other neighbors -

Life and death -

My calendar today says -

Add a touch of heaven to your day - be thankful! -

And I am - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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Gene Black said...

Wow, your "ICE" information is far more detailed than mine is. I think I need to sit and do a write up. I know I need a new medication list to go in my wallet.

I love the colors for the quilt and threads. I wish CT made sold their variegated on cones.


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