Monday, October 2, 2017

The deconstruction zone -

Was my chair in front of my sit-down ironing board - with seam ripper in hand -

And a good portion of the day was spent getting those awful chicken/rooster potholders "de-constructed" -

I thought that sounded better and WAAAY more fun than "un-sewing" the dang things would have been - ;))

I sorted them out and put them in a baggie with their matching fabrics. I probably could use them as pre-cut 2" squares and strips - but most of them are missing a thread or two (or three or four) - that got lost in the "de-construction" process - so - for now - they have joined the pile of bits and pieces for "crumb" blocks - like that pile is EVER going to go down - LOL - ;))

Anyway - tomorrow I think I'll take another look at my Christmas blocks - I'm thinking now that I may not want to FMQ the SAME design in each of the sections - maybe it would be more FUN to switch it up a bit - and goodness knows - I could use practice with a LOT more than just one design - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I did some deconstructing today also. I had to take the trim off the vest I decorated for my character costume. Now I just have to return the vest and return my shoeshine box - then back to normal. -err more or less.

Barbara said...

Lol, deconstructing going on everywhere! Must be something in the air.


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