Sunday, October 1, 2017

Personal preference -

Is - by definition - personal - and not necessarily suited to everyone - ;))

But I think that I am not alone in that I definitely prefer -

Spending the Entire Day Quilting -

To messing with trying to learn a new computer program - ;))

Over the past couple of days I wasted SO much time - one thing led to another - and the whole dang thing is SO convoluted and unnecessarily complicated -

BUT you have to do it THEIR way or the program won't track everything correctly.

I gave up before I even really got started - when I got to the part where QB needed Internet Explorer enabled in order to work properly. My default browser is Firefox - and I don't know how to - nor do I WANT to - change it any time soon - just because QB needs it. Why is it that every time you change one thing (add a new program) you wind up having to change something else? It never seems to end - and I don't want to play with it any more. And I don't even want to think about setting up PayPal and then someday having to "upgrade" to Windows 10 - which some people don't seem to like even though it has been out for a while now -

I want to take all of my toys and go home -

Oh, wait - I AM home - nevermind - ;))

I had planned to JUST DO IT - then give it to my accountant to fix later - that's why I pay him - LOL - but - in the end - I decided to keep doing my "books" manually.

I know how - that's how I learned to do it way back in the dark ages before computers - when we did "double-entry bookkeeping" - using columnar pads and pencils. You had to know what you were doing because you couldn't just "insert" a line or a column in the middle of a schedule (now called a spreadsheet) - ;))

It may be VERY old-fashioned - but it still works -

And it's actually easier - and faster - for me to make my own schedules to keep track of stuff.

EDIT UPDATE - Just to clarify -
I learned how to do schedules on columnar pads - but now I use the computer to make my spreadsheets - I just don't do the QB version of tracking the transactions.

If and when the volume of paperwork becomes overwhelming -

I may change my mind -

But for now -

I prefer to do my "books" manually -

And I prefer to go back to my Free-Motion Quilting projects -

And my "un-sewing" of those awful chicken/rooster pothholder blocks -

You know it was bad when I prefer "un-sewing" something -

To what I WAS doing - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

LOL.... I learned some double entry bookkeeping in high school. I far prefer a spreadsheet on the computer. (and yes, I do know how to write a spreadsheet and use it - but I don't like doing that either. )

If you prefer un-sewing to QB then no wonder you decided to do columnar pads instead.

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

So funny and relatable! Thx. mary

Barbara said...

Oh wow, what a timely post for me! I was notified it was ready, so I installed the latest update for my iPad today. I usually don’t notice a big change with updates, but boy howdy, not true with this one! It looks different and doesn’t work well for some things, like posting a photo to my blog. Can’t do it. Also, there is an annoying thing now at the bottom of my home page that I’ve learned is called a “dock”. It’s supposed to make your more frequently used apps more accessible all in one place. Uh, excuse me? I only have one page of apps, period. I don’t need or want a “dock” showing me doubles of those few apps on the same page! Aren’t computers supposed to make life easier?!

Julie Fukuda said...

Over the weekend I complained to the Scout Exec. about the changes that have been made to the "my scouting" website that makes it impossible even after two mornings of effort to update my training. No good answer, but I was rather happy to learn that there are many more of the same complaints. There is something to be said for the "old" way.


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