Tuesday, May 14, 2019

More Squirrel play -

I already know that I can cut the units that I need with my dies -

But a scrappy Squirrel should use up my scraps, right? - LOL -

So I pulled out my LEFT-EZE Rule™ and some 2" strips from my stash to cut some corner HST for the Square-in-a-Square units - ;))

Stacked the strips - right side up -

First diagonal cut - along the LEFT side of the ruler -

Second cut - straight UP the LEFT side of the ruler -

Rinse and repeat until I ran of out strip -

Those should do me for a while - ;))

These look a little different because only one dog-ear is cut off -

So - to help with placement - I pressed the square in half - and lined up the point of the HST with the center crease -

Stitched it up -

Added the second side -

And the third side matches perfectly - which is great - because I start stitching the seam from that end/side -

Added the fourth side -

Pressed the block -

I still need to trim the dog-ears - but it comes out to 3-1/2" just like the other one - so both ways will work for me - ;))

I thought that I might make my version a little more "controlled" and use light/neutrals as the center square of the Square-in-a-Square units - to tame the "busy" and give the eye a place to rest - but then changed my mind and decided to mix them all up - like the original -

And I think that - if I "cut and kitted" some center squares - and some cut HST - and some strips - that this will make a great "Tween" project - that's what I call the "filler" units that I sew beTWEEN other stuff - when I just grab something - sew it - and not have to think about it too much -

And - since I've already figured it out - I made an index card "cheat sheet" to remind me which dies I used and what size strips I pulled from my scraps since the two units use two different size strips - that way I don't have to rethink it when I run out of pieces to sew together - and need to prep some more -

Come to think of it - that's not a bad idea -

I should make some index card "cheat sheets" for some of my other projects - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Ha ha... I should be so organized as to make cheat sheets.

Katie said...

The chest sheets are a great idea. Don't go losing them, though...that's exactly what would happen to me... And totally scrappy will be fun. And less limiting on use of scraps!

Sherry said...

I have a little notebook that I keep notes in for different projects.

Only problem is that I am constantly losing the dumb thing (or covering it up when another squirrel comes my way)! LOL

Linda Swanekamp said...

Love the cheater cards. Much better than the scraps of paper I jot stuff down on and lose. However, you should call them jog cards- because they jog your memory. Cheating implies malicious intent to defraud. You are only recalling what you created.

Sherry said...

Back again. . . I could have sworn that I saw that quilt block pattern somewhere else. It looked very familiar to me.

So, I went searching through www.quilterscache.com, since that is where I go for a lot of my pattern ideas.

She has a pattern, from 5/15/2003 (WOW, almost 16 years to the day) that she calls The Frugal Patch that is very similar. . . but where your block has rail fence type units her block has Chinese coins type units.

It is interesting how things that I see stick in my brain. LOL


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