Thursday, May 23, 2019

Next up -

Yesterday I told some of my commenters that it was -
so nice to find another way to do something. I suppose I should check that pile to see which ones need binding - now that I have a nifty new way to do it - LOL - ;))
I checked the pile - and there were three that are ready for binding -

The others are not that far along - ;))

Of the three - binding with a flange is already made for this one -
Christmas Blocks - 6x6 - Table Topper -

A scrappy plain binding is made for the second -
Five Stars Plus 5 -

And no binding can be found for the third one -

So I'm guessing that I didn't make any - ;))

This one is/was a practice piece from years ago -

I tried some Free-Motion Quilting -

And I tried to follow the lines of a "wreath" stencil - poorly - but I tried - LOL -

A FMQ "feather" - a "stipple" stencil - and another one that will fit in a square -

I know it's only a practice piece - but it's full and might as well be bound and finished - if only to serve as proof that I HAVE improved - LOL - ;))

I found the plastic bin with the left-overs -

With a baggie with the Heart and Scrap Card -

And the label that I made when I thought I would get it quilted quickly -

As you can see - it's dated 2011 - so I guess I wasn't that quick - LOL -

In the bin were some left-over solid fabrics that I could use for binding -

The two on the left are not large enough unless I want to make a scrappy binding -

The two on the right are large enough to make a flanged binding like I did on the GREEN top -

The one on the left in the photo below is the same fabric as in the quilt -

The purple is not in the quilt - but it would give a little pop of color and separate the mauve/pink from the quilt itself -

So that's what I think I'll do -

Cut the new binding -

Try the new method a second time on this one -

Then bind the Christmas one with the flanged binding the same way -

After that one - I can decide whether or not I want to re-cut and re-sew the binding for Five Stars Plus 5 to include a flange -

Or try one of the other methods without the flange -

Lots of options -

And lots of PLAYTIME - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Ha ha. I think the binding is probably the most difficult decision on any quilt I make.

Katie said...

Holy cow! I'd say figure out how to use the already-made binding for that third quilt. No sense in wasting time BINDING when you could be making another top!!!

Sherry said...

Oh I like your quilts.

I had to laugh I was on YouTube yesterday and the Jordan Fabrics video about the binding came up as a "recommended for you" video.

Hmm, I thought, is the LHQ messing with my YouTube feed now??!! Then I just laughed.

It was just such an odd coincidence with your mentioning it yesterday.

Have a lovely day.


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