Friday, September 21, 2012

BOB and abbreviations

As a general rule -

BOB and I HATE abbreviations -

Some are obvious -

And we quilters use them -

All of the time -

Like -

FQ for fat quarter -

HST for Half-Square Triangle -

QST for Quarter-Square Triangle -

BOM for Block of the Month -

And I often use -

LHQ for Left-Handed Quilter/Quilting -

They are a kind of "shorthand" -

For quilters -

Remember "shorthand"? - ;))

But I felt bad the other day -

When I used one on my blog -

And forgot that not everyone -

Knew what it meant -

TUSAL is Daffycat's Totally Useless Sew-A-Long - here - ;))

I remember the feeling -

When I read a post a while back -

On Grandma Rockton’s blog - here -

She’s a VERY sweet lady -

And my VERY FIRST follower - ;))

But I had to leave a comment -

Because I had NO idea what she was talking about - ;))

She explained in her next post what IBOL meant - here -

But I am still confused about the rest -

So I try to make it a habit -

To NOT use abbreviations -

If I can help it -

Because -

When I see them on other blogs -

I know that I probably SHOULD -

Respond with -





Or -



What I REALLY want to say is -

EIEIO - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. okay, so I won't even try to figure it out - too early for brain to work that hard :-)

    1. Okay - I'll tell you tomorrow - unless someone wants to help you out before then - ;))

  2. Replies
    1. According to my bloggy buddy and fellow Molly Dooker - Sue in Australia - at Craft The Final Frontier - - it means -
      Great Minds Think Alike - ;))

      So - do you want to tell KatieM about EIEIO??? - ;))

    2. Sherry replied -

      Um, EIEIO. . . . .I just know it as part of Old McDonald's Farm. . . . .am I missing something?


      Sherry V.

    3. You're not missing anything - you're right - it IS from the song - ;))

  3. UH, I think you are just being funny and using the old McDonald's farm thing. But I could be wrong. Do I email her or you do?

    1. You're right - it IS from the song - ;))
      I'll email her after I post this - ;))

  4. I took shorthand in high school, what a useless class! LOL.

    I had a friend that would respond to my texts (longhand) and my e-mails (also longhand) with 'TY' After weeks of wondering what that meant I finally asked, after she stopped giggling she explained it meant, 'Thank You'. Duh! Just a blonde moment! Now, I just google == side note. Last week I commented, "Just google." and I had to explain that to my buddy.

    Trying to work through a quilting block right now. I have 2 quilts to quilt and just cannot settle on a pattern, I just keep staring at the tops. I quilt on my machine, fantasizing about a long arm machine.

    Keep the BOB busy and we will do cyber coffee. (-; (backwards smiley face means - I am left handed)

    1. tytyty - I like your backwards smiley face - ;))

  5. Way back in the stone ages, it was customary to use the real words first time with capitol letters, then the caps alone. These days those rules have been thrown to the wind and half the stuff in the newspaper I can't figure out what they are talking about. I know what BSA is, because I am a Scouter but BSN went and changed to SAJ and we are headed downhill.

    1. I remember the stone ages - ;)) I blame "Windows" for truly changing the world. DOS/words was replaced by Windows/pictures. Words are now being replaced with abbreviations. Cursive is being replaced with printing. I wonder sometimes how long it will be before we forget written language altogether and revert back to caveman drawings? - ;))


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