Saturday, September 15, 2012

Love it -

I just love it -

My BOB post yesterday must have hit a nerve -

I got a record number of hits -

A record for me, anyway - ;))

And only SIX comments -

Two from the same person -

That makes FIVE readers who agree with me -

And a BUNCH who probably don't -

But who couldn't be bothered to leave a comment -

But that's OK -

I said up front -

That I disagree -

With the majority -

Most of the time -

And this is one of those times.

But -

EVERYONE is entitled to his/her opinion -

On ANY subject -

And I respect YOUR right to YOUR opinion -

As long as you respect MY right to MINE -

We can agree to disagree -

So enough on that - ;))

Can you tell that I’m stalling -

And haven’t uploaded any photos -

Or written any quilty posts? -

I’ve been working on my LHQSQ blocks -

The next set is #61 to #72 -

But I haven’t even posted #52 to #60 yet -

And you’re probably getting bored -

With them anyway -

‘Cuz I’M getting bored with them -

I’m getting bored with the colors -

And I’m NOT liking making just ONE block -

From each pattern -

I need some mindless chain-piecing -

Something with a bunch of the same blocks -

Or I need to dig out my Christmas stuff -

The stuff that -

EVERY year -

I wish I had dug out earlier -

Because if I had -

It would be DONE -

By the time Christmas rolled around -


In order to do that -

I need to pack up the LHQSQ stuff -

To make room -

And I KNOW -

That if I pack it up NOW -

When I’m bored with it -

It’s going to sit for a loooooooong time -

Until I decide to tackle it again -

And I want/need to scan some more Quilt Journal stuff -

And I want/need to make something ORANGE and BLUE -

And I want/need to tell you about the trade KatieM and I worked out -

And a bunch of other stuff -

That I can’t do if I’m sitting here -

Writing this stuff -

And stirring the pot - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

For those of you who DID take the time to comment yesterday -
Even WITH my word verification -

Thanks!! -

“You find out who your friends are” -
Tracy Lawrence - here -


Linda J said...

I am curious about the orange and blue combo. Something for a holiday gift?? Those are a couple of team colors that I follow---the Chicago Bears and the Auburn Tigers---but not what you ordinarily think of as a "go-to" combo.

I also will be interested in what you and Katie have cooked up. Block smaller than LHQSQ, I think?

You are a quilter similar to me---pack it away for a "little while" often stretches into years. Here it is September and only one of the three full sized tops I had hoped to finish this year is finished. Squirrel, meet shiny object?? Boredom does set in or you get frustrated and think you just need a break from it. The evolution of a UFO, right?

Linda J said...

oh, I decided to switch off verification but turned on moderation, like you did. I may change it back later but it is still MY decision.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

EXACTLY!! - I need to go back to BOB's post (BOB insists) and add a couple of more lines - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Orange and Blue - I want/need to work on something that is NOT red/brown like LHQSQ or black/white/red like the FIVE B/W/R tops that I just finished for the grandkids AND Orca Bay earlier this year - and Orange and Blue seemed different enough. And then I thought about all of my Christmas stuff - and I'm back to the RED again - ;)) ORANGE just seems to be calling my name - maybe something Halloweeny?? - ;))

I need to re-organize my stuff so that I can switch between projects without some major re-packing - I thought that the bins would do it - but by the time I spread everything out and put 60 blocks on the wall - I hate to take it all down and put something else up - maybe I need another wall - ;))

Linda said...

Well I haven't gotten to BOB's post yet but I can imagine. Or maybe not! haha
I thought you might like to know that I've made a decision. ALL the Christmas fabric is being pulled out today!! It just seems like the proper thing to do. ;o)
Race you!!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

OK, lady - you're ON!! -- ;))


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