Thursday, September 20, 2012

Race to Christmas - 9/20/12

So I took a closer look at my panel prints -

“Do You See Quick Quilt” -
By Sandi Gore Evans - (c) 1996 -
For Daisy Kindgom -
Fast and Easy!
No Pattern Needed!
Just Cut, Sew and Enjoy!

Yeah - right!!

THAT’S why it’s been in my stash -

For 16 years - ;))

I know - I know -

Just DO it - ;))


Christmas Tree panel print
Designed to be hung on your front door -
A VIP Screen Print - (c) Cranston Print Works, USA
36 x 45

This one might be a good FMQ practice quilt -
Except that if I actually HANG it on my door -
People will be able to see all of my boo-boos -
UP CLOSE - and personal -
While they wait for me to answer the door -
Unless I hang it on the INSIDE of the door -
And then they can just glance at it as they leave -
THAT might work - ;))

Or I might trade this one, too -

Anybody want it?? - ;))


Christmas Tree - 4 placemats
Wamsutta OTC on the selvage -
Matches green yardage - (1yard)
Probably got that for the backing -

Is it just me -
Or does this look tweaked? - ;))

This would be another good FMQ practice project -
To the top of the list it goes - ;))


Christmas Wreaths and Stars -

I have NO idea what I was going to do with this -

It has 11 wreaths and 10 stars -
They are about 10” square with a 2” border -
And matches the green yardage - (1 yard) -
Of the placemats -

And 2.84 yards of some other stuff -
Check the NOTE below -
I know that it's 2.84 yards without even unfolding it -
And - no - there is no label on it with the yardage - ;))

But why did I get 3 and a HALF repeats?
21 blocks?
What was I thinking????????????

And don’t you just love how panel prints are cut -
So that you screw up that top/outer border -
‘Cuz you don’t have the extra 1/4” -
And you have to use up part of the border -
Or the next block -
To get your seam?????? UUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!

Maybe that’s why I got 7 rows -
The top one and the bottom one are both crap -
That would leave me with 15 "good" blocks -
3 across and 5 down -
Maybe that's what I had in mind -

Gotta think some more on this one - ;))


Gingerbread men - 6-1/2" squares -
(c) Dianna Marcum for Marcus Bros. Textiles, Inc. -
5 across x 6 down - 30 pictures -
Too cute!!
Notice how the bottom row -
Got cut smack down the middle -
Must have been where the next 1/4 yard ended - ;))

I got three repeats -

Each little square is about 6-1/2” -
Same size as my LHSQ blocks -
I should be able to work with that - ;))


And I may have just found the backing -
For my LHQSQ quilt - ;))

I have 6 yards of this -
“Natures Celebration Style #8821” -
By Hoffman International Fabrics -
(c) Screen Print - no date -
But this stuff is OLD -
Probably about time to use it -
So - in with the LHQSQ stuff it goes - ;))


So - this is the order I came up with -

Get these basted and use them for FMQ Practice Quilts -
  • Christmas Tree - 4 placemats -
  • “Do You See Quick Quilt” -

Play with these patterns - smallest one first -
  • Bottoms Up! -
  • Gingerbread ‘n Hearts - applique - piecing -
  • Folk Art Christmas Tree - applique
  • Christmas Quilt - applique - piecing - FPP

While I try to figure out what to do with these three -
  • Christmas Wreaths and Stars - 21 - 12” squares
  • Gingerbread men - 30 - 6-1/2” squares
  • Christmas Tree panel print

I know - I know -

Just DO it - ;))



Do you see the problem yet? - ;))

The problem is -

That I have a basket -

Full of yardage and FQ -

And I just KNOW that -

There are some "Squirrels" -

In there too - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

How can I tell that I have 2.84 yards without unfolding and measuring the whole piece?
I fold my fabric using a 6” ruler - so I just have to count the number of folds and divide by 6.

6 folds @ 6” each = 36” = one yard of fabric.

This piece had 17 folds - so - 17 divided by 6 = 2.84 yards
Chances are that I started with 3 yards and cut 6" off for something - ;))


Aileen said...

I know that floral 2.84 yardage. I made reversible vests for myself and my daughter sometime in the 90's. Did the inside black. Used fancy black and rhinestone buttons on both sides. We worn them a lot. I still have a scrap of it somewhere from the armhole. LOL.
Last year I took my Christmas fabric out and made 3 quilt tops and that is as far as I got. Maybe it is time to sew those UFO's up and give them away!!. I have a large Rubbermaid tub full of just Christmas fabric.

Linda said...

OMGosh!! If this was a race to see who has the most panels.... girl you WIN!! HAHAHA
I love the red cardinal fabric. Even if it is OLD!!

ANudge said...

LOL - I'm afraid to open that Christmas box of fabric I have - know there are some panels in there. You are brave, and talented.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

That's too funny!! Another fabric that we ALL bought way back when - at least you used yours!! And you are welcome to join the race - show us what you have - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Hahaha - yeah - I may have more panels - but you will probably get more stuff done - so girl, you WIN!! - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Angie! Do not be afraid - open that box - join us - show us what you have - ;))

Linda J said...

I was just digging in my Christmas tote the other day and dredged up a pile of 5 inch charms that I was playing with but mostly for demo purposes for my local quilt group. It is probably about the size that Aileen above was referring to. At one time it was more or less separated out by reds and greens and others, LOL. If I didn't have to pull out all the other stuff stacked on top of it I might show it.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

So join us - go ahead and "pull out all the other stuff stacked on top of it" and show us what you have. Maybe we could all work out some trades - like you and I did. Trade stuff we don't want/need anymore for stuff that we maybe could/would use Other people's trash and all of that - ;))


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