Thursday, September 13, 2012

Checking my stats

Do you ever check your stats?

I do every once in a while -

They’re fun - ;))

If you check your Traffic Sources -

You will find -

Referring URLs -

And -

Referring Sites -

And -

Search Keywords -

Sometimes the list has some funny stuff - ;))

This past week -

My Search Keywords showed -

  • - 4
  • quilt studio organization - 3
  • free easy quilt patterns made with jelly rolls - 2
  • morning applique glory - 2
  • quick and easy large quilt patterns - 2
  • “add comment”song - 1
  • big block quilt patterns - 1
  • embroidery stem stitch lefthanded - 1
  • foundation piecing with muslin - 1

Pretty normal stuff -

Although I did wonder a little about -
  • morning applique glory - 2
  • - did they mean "morning glory applique"?
  • “add comment”song - 1
  • - what song is that?

Anyway - the one that REALLY made me laugh was -
  • sewing notions pointy stick - 2

I think that they meant a “stiletto” - ;))

I did a post on “Supplies” - here -

And said -

A stiletto is just a long, pointy stick used to hold down the fabric as it goes under the presser foot. Sometimes your finger or fingernail just won't do; You will find these for sale in catalogs for $5-$6, but I use the cuticle sticks found in the nail care department of Wal-Mart to do the same thing - and - they come in packages of 4 for only a couple of bucks. You could also use a chopstick or bamboo skewer. I just love finding stuff and using it for a totally different purpose!

And - even though you can buy them -

As a quilting “notion” - here -

Or make them yourself - here -

Amazon has them - here -

They have a pointy end -

And a flat end -

And because they are super cheap -

It’s not a big deal if I lose one -

Technically -

They are called -

Orange Wood Cuticle Sticks -

But now I will forever think of one as a -

Sewing notions pointy stick - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda said...

haha I'm going to go check mine right now. I wonder what pointy thing I could find... BWAAAAHAAA

Linda J said...

Too funny! sewing notions pointy stick.

I found the right buttons to push to get to the keywords that I didn't even know they did. The weirdest one was 4 patch flip pattern and a red and blue triple irish chain especially since I have never made either one of those OR to my knowledge, neither have the Belles.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I'm getting a lot of hits from some YouTube video game spam thingy - probably hoping that I will post the link - like THAT'S gonna happen - ;))


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