Friday, September 14, 2012

Another rant -

WARNING: This is a BOB post - ;))

BOB and I read another rant the other day -

Going on and on about -

Word verification -

So I just HAD to leave a comment -

OK - my two cents. I disagree with the majority most of the time - and this is one of those times. If you don't like the word verification choice and/or can't read it - hit the little circle arrow thingy to the right of the box to "refresh" it and you will get another choice - if you don't like that one - hit it again - until you find one you like and/or can read - or not. The word verification is there for a reason - and if you don't want to respect my right to HAVE word verification and/or leave a comment on my blog - that's fine, too. - ;))


There are those among us -


That we remove the word verification -

From OUR blogs -

To make it easier -

For THEM -

To leave a comment -


I think that they forget -

Whose blog this is - ;))

This is MY blog -








And -

I refuse to be bullied -

If you want to remove -

Word verification from YOUR blog -

Go right ahead -

You can do whatever you please -

On YOUR blog -

But this is MY blog -

And I reserve the right -

To HAVE word verification -

If it is too much trouble -

For you to leave a comment -

Then it must not be that important -

To you -

And -

If you don’t have time for this -

And it’s making you crazy -

And you think that it is a huge waste of your time -


You had plenty of time to post the rant -

AND plenty of time to explain how to turn word verification OFF -

Besides -

I don’t blog for your comments -

Or with a hidden agenda -


Like a lot of those out there -

I blog for ME -

I blog to share what I know -

And what I did -

With the universe -

You either like what I did -

Or you don’t -

If you like it -

You’ll say - “Beautiful” - “Cute block” - etc. -

And if you don’t -

You probably won’t say anything at all -

So -

I already know what your comment will say -

If you decide to leave one -

Except for my bloggy buddies -

And we email back and forth anyway - ;))

Don't get me wrong -

I enjoy reading comments -

And I appreciate those readers who leave one -


Bottom line -

If leaving your comment -

Is not that important to YOU -

Then why should reading it -

Be that important to ME? - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me.


Sue said...

I agree. It never ceases to amaze me how snotty people get about something on someone else's blog.

Mallorie Anderson said...

I watch Bonnie to :) I don't like the word verification and can understand how it's difficult for many to see. I can see it, I just hate it. But I still go to the touble to deal with it for those that think it's so important. I respect your right to have it just as I assume you respect my opinion on it. What's a difference of opinon amongst quilters, right? We all have different views and opinions, it's what makes us so unique in the fact that most of us still get along aside from that.

Katie M. said...

:-) just a comment.....

Linda J said...

The nerve of some people's children. Use feeds and don't comment if it so "difficult" to take a minute out of your life to do so. Yeah it is fuzzy for "old eyes" at times but deal with it and don't try to impose your will on someone else.

So how is your day going otherwise??

Linda J said...

LOL also I am about dying to know where this all started.

Julie Fukuda said...

To my thinking, the friendships I have made through blogging are way more important than their comment format.

Linda said...

Hee hee ;o)


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