Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hearts - AGAIN

You will NEVER guess what I found!!

I found some more REALLY OLD SCRAPS -

I knew that I has some -

Somewhere - ;))

I knew that I had these scraps from Chad’s quilt - here -
Some floral from one of my dresses -
And some green gingham -

But then I found some squares -
From a shirt my husband made -
Just to prove to the kids -
That he could sew -

And I found some pink gingham squares -
From my stash way back when -

And some extra “birds” and “wings” -
From the “Bird Quilts” I made in 1979 - here -

And some “butterflies” and extra "bodies" -
From the “Butterfly Quilts” that I made in 1978 - here -

Obviously I needed to make "Hearts" from these - ;))

I was able to make a “crumb block” out of most of the scraps -

Picked out a pattern -

Pinned it right side down on some muslin -

One heart done -
From scraps that are over 30 years old - ;))

I had enough “birds” to make another “crumb block” -
And - rather than waste one of my patterns -
I drew a heart on a coffee filter -

Laid out the heart -

And made the second heart -

Sometimes being a packrat -

Has some advantages - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda J said...

I love it! Now you have a memory heart.... or two or three of those past projects.

I think I need to put a butterfly block like that but scaled way down, in my sampler. I was thinking about that the other day. Your cuties may have clinched it.

Linda said...

How very interesting. It's amazing how those oldies look 'before'...and how much better they look 'after'. It must be the hearts. lol

Katie M. said...

and I thought I had 'old' scraps :-)


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