Monday, September 24, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 9/24/12

Check out all of us who link up with Judy L. at Patchwork Times on Mondays.
We have some awesome stuff on our walls!
Well, THEY do - ME - not so much sometimes - ;))

Linda and I are working on our Christmas stuff -
We call it our -
Leisurely Turtle Race to Christmas with Squirrels Allowed - ;))

First on my Christmas Wish List is the four placemats -

I cut them apart and laid them out -

This one has a little flaw in the fabric -
See it? -

It probably won’t show too much -
So I decided to just stitch it up -
See what happens -
I can always color it in with some pens - ;))

I figured out a stitching sequence -
Just “in-the-ditch” around the tree -
And down the stripes on each side -
I might add some free-motion quilting later -
Maybe - ;))

Layered it with some fusible batting -
Which DIDN’T fuse -
It was probably in my stash too long -
And lost its “fuse” ability -

So I had to pin it instead -
Just so you know -
I HATE pinning -

After it was quilted -
I compared it to my “go-to” placemats -
For size -

Width-wise seems okay -
Without the green border -

And length-wise seems okay, too -
Without the green border -

Just realized that I didn’t show you -
The backing fabric -
I’ll take a photo of that later - ;))

So - I think that I will quilt them up -

Trim them to 3/8” past the center rectangle -

Then bind them with something “yet to be decided” -

After I find my can of spray basting stuff - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. That reminds me - I need a new table topper for Christmas - great.... one more thing to add to my "do before Christmas" list......
    I had to look twice (well actually 3 times) to see the flaw in the fabric.

    1. You are more than welcome to join Linda and me on our "Leisurely Turtle Race..." - no pressure - just get out your Christmas stuff. I KNOW you have some - haha. And I guess the fabric flaw wasn't as bad as I thought if you couldn't see it - so that's great! - ;))

  2. At least it wasn't a bed sized quilt you had to pin. Let me take a wild guess....You are leaving the borders off? They will look lovely as placemats.

    1. Yes I'm leaving most of the border off - I'll cut it so that the binding will start at the inside edge of the green - if that makes sense. I'll show you when I get there - ;))

  3. Inquiring minds want to know... what are the measurements on that "go-to placemat" for those of us who do not have one to measure?? ;o) Just in case I may one day want to make a placemat. Yours are looking good.

    1. OK - inquiring minds - hehe - ;)) My "go to" placemats measure 14-1/2" x 18-1/2" without the fringe. Add in the fringe - and they come out to 14-1/2" x almost 21" - ;)) They just happen to be my favorite placemats - the perfect size for our dishes and stuff. But any size would work as long as your plate and forks and stuff fit and it's not too big for your table - haha. I compared these Christmas ones just to see if I needed to remove the green borders or not - and decided that they would be too big for me WITH the green - so I'm going to trim most of it off - ;))

  4. cute Chriatmas Tree place mats! I am working on a series of place mats...just finished July and moving onto August!


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