Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Blog!!

Two years ago today I posted my very FIRST post –


So - that makes today my Blog’s Second Birthday!!

Some call it a Blogoversary -

So – for them - today is my Blog’s Second Blogoversary!!

I just say – “Happy Birthday, Blog!!”


These past two years have been very interesting.

I have met some wonderful people - from all over the world.

Some are left-handed.

Some are right-handed.


To the lefties – I say – 

  • TIHIDI - This Is How I Do It.
  •  I hope this blog has helped you.

To the righties – I say –
  • Just reverse the directions. ;))
  • It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Right-handers have all the resources in the world available to them.

Left-handers aren’t so lucky. Our resources are very limited. We have to use patterns, books, and tools designed for right-handers and are constantly told to “just reverse the directions.” It’s NOT that easy! Some of my right-handed friends have come to realize that when they tried to “reverse” some of my tutorials.

For the past two years - I have tried to reduce the global confusion once and for all by offering hints - tutorials - resources - or whatever else I could think of - to help with quilting challenges. I wrote some tutorials and tried to explain how I do things and then showed you how I do it. They were listed on the "Left-Handed Quilting" page until I inadvertently copied over it. The other day I loaded an older version and will update it as soon as I can - if you're interested - ;))

For the past two years - I have also tried to be perfectly clear that there is always more than one way to do things. I'm not saying that my way is the fastest - or the easiest - or the best. But maybe, just maybe - it will help you figure out a way that will work for you.

For the past two years - because doing things left-handed really is like speaking a foreign language - I created a new language. I wrote my instructions in what I like to call - "LEFTISH" - and I got to say - "If you are right-handed - just reverse it." That's one of those phrases that - as a Lefty - is REALLY fun to say - ;))

For the past two years - I have also said that I don't pretend to know everything - and can only tell you how I do it. I even made up another new word - "TIHIDI" - "This Is How I Do It" - if you say it out loud, it sounds kinda like "Tahiti" - and that's still kinda cool!!

Last year - I had planned to turn my tutorials into books.

Left-Handed Quilting books.

But I changed my mind -

Unlike some other blogs out there -

I decided not to try to sell you something -

I decided to just blog -

And SEW - ;))

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


  1. Happy Bloggiversary my friend! I am very glad you started your blog, as without it our friendship would not have developed.

    1. Thank you my friend! All Hail Molly Dookers!! - ;))

  2. Happy birthday blog, my friend from Amerika.

    1. Thank you Editfolt - my friend from Hungary! That paprika that you sent me is WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much!! - ;))

  3. Woohoo, congratulations to 2 years of blogging! How many posts in that time as between the two blogs you are one active quilter/blogger?

    I can't believe that someone would make such a throw away comment as "just reverse it"---so un-helpful when you are struggling with tools etc that left you behind. Good to turn the tables a bit.

    1. Thank you, my friend! Two years and a BUNCH of posts - and because you asked - I just checked. Quilter BOB has published 92 posts/rants - and A Left-Handed Quilter has published 506 posts - for a total of 598 - I'm short again!! - haha. - ;)) But if you count the 4 that I posted on The Leisurely Wife Quilt-A-Long that my Australian friend, Sue, put together - I'm at 602 - WOO-HOO!!

      The "just reverse it" comment is EVERYWHERE - check your books and patterns - see what they say to do if you are "Left-Handed". I guarantee you that it will be something along the lines of "Just reverse it" - or "Just reverse the directions" - AND the photos will show a RH person cutting whatever it is. Just for fun - try to "reverse it" and cut a 60-degree diamond left-handed - you'll see - ;))

  4. WOW time flie when you're having fun. Congratualtions from one leftie to another.

  5. Happy blogiversary. I really enjoy following your blog, even though I am right handed. I count you as one of my good bloggy friends.

  6. I enjoy your (and BOB's) blog and check it almost every day!
    Congratulations and Happy Blog Birthday!

  7. yadhtriB gloB yppaH - Just reverse it :-)
    Sorry, I think the devil made me do it.....
    Keep at the blogging, I enjoy your posts and would miss them.


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